Will You Be Mine?

Karley and Justin have been friends since grade 2, But when Karley comes on tour with Justin, Karley starts to have feelings for Justin but doesn't want them to get in the way of their friendship.
The thing is, Justin has had a crush on Karley since grade 2 but Karley doesn't know.
Will Karley an Justin be together?
Will Karley not want to ruin their friendship?


6. Chapter 5

                                                     ~~ Karley's P.O.V. ~~

I was woken up by my phone ringing. I groaned and rolled over to look at my phone. 

*Justin Biebah Calling!*

I unplugged my phone, got up, and answered my phone 

K- Hello?

I sounded like I was woken up

J- Hey Karls, did I wake you up?

Awe, how cute, he's worried if he woke me up at 8:30 AM!

K- No.. I just woke up right before you called?

J- Okay good. I was just calling to let you know that Charlie can come with us if you want.. 

I looked to see if Charlie was still asleep but she wasn't in her bed or in the room for that matter. She must've gone down for breakfast. 

K- Oh, uhm Charlie said that she will hang with the other dancers while we hang out. She knows how we barely get to see each other and she said that it'll be good for us to catch up. 

J- Okay, just making sure. I'll see you at noon Karls. 

K- Kay, Bye bieber. 

J- Bye Mathews. 

K- Eeew don't use my last name. 

J- It's better than your middle name. 

Now that I think of it, Mathews is better than Patricia.. 

K- Hahaha I guess I'll give that one to you. 

J- Damn rights. 

I giggled and then there was a silence between us..

J- I'll talk to you later Karls. And don't forget, dress casual. 

K- I'll text you. And I might need youre help since Charlie isnt here. But I'll let you know if I need your help. 

J- Alright

K- Bye Bieber.

J- Bye Patricia.. 

And with that, Justin Hung up.. UUURGH I hate my middle name.

I looked at the clock on the table and saw that it was now 9:00 AM. I might as well go down to the breakfast room and get something to eat. I texted Justin to see if he wanted anything.

To: Justin Biebah  From:Karley

Hey, I'm going to get breakfast, want anything?

To: Karley From: Justin Biebah

Uhm, a Blueberry muffin and a waffle please?

To: Justin Biebah From: Karley 


I didn't bother to get dressed, I took a quick glimpse in the mirror to make sure I wasn't completely ratchet, then put on my moccosins and went to the breakfast room. 

It was around 10:30 when I headed back to my room, I was in Justins room talking with pattie about my plans for today. And I honestly don't know what we're doing since Justin won't tell me. 

I Hopped in the shower and washed my hair and face and then got out. I went over to my suitcase and picked out my clothes that I would be wearing. I chose this:

 I put my hair into a side fishtail and then added some makeup. a little mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. 

I still had time to kill so I decided to go for a walk on the beach. I grabbed my white toms, lipgloss, phone, and room card and then left my room for a while. 


The beach is so calming. There are so many bright flowers in the gardens and the sand is super soft and warm. I was walking back to the hotel when my phone went off 


*1 New Text Message!*

To: Karley From: Justin Biebah

Hey Karls. You ready?

To: Justin Bieber From: Karley

Yeah, on my way. Meet me in the lobby?

To: Karley From: Justin Biebah


I walked back to the hotel and when I reached the front desk, I saw justin coming down the stairs. He looked really good. Damn.. Justin was wearing this:

J- Hey Karls, you ready?

K- Yeah, lets go!

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