Will You Be Mine?

Karley and Justin have been friends since grade 2, But when Karley comes on tour with Justin, Karley starts to have feelings for Justin but doesn't want them to get in the way of their friendship.
The thing is, Justin has had a crush on Karley since grade 2 but Karley doesn't know.
Will Karley an Justin be together?
Will Karley not want to ruin their friendship?


5. Chapter 4

                                                       ~~ Justins P.O.V. ~~

Damn, Karley normally looks perfect all the time, but tonight, she was gorgeous. I know it's wierd since we are like bestfriends, but I have had a crush on Karley for a while now. But it just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. 



We arrived at the restaurant, and walked in. We were greeted by a waiter.


W- Hello Mr.Bieber, what can I do for you?

J- I have a reservation for 6 PM.

W- Right this way Mr.Bieber.

Everyone followed the waiter to a booth and sat down. I sat across from Karley so I could admire her smile, Charlette sat next to Karley, scooter sat next to me, and my mom sat next to scooter.. 

Why dont I have my whole crew at dinner? 

Well, Because Scooter, Karley, Charlette, and my mom are my family. I havent known charlette as long as i've known Karley, but Charlette and I are still pretty close. 

W- What are you guys going to have?

Mom- I'm going to have steak with a cesar salad and a glass of lemonade

K- I'm going to have a green salad with a Sherly Temple.

C- I'll have the same as Karley but with a lemonade instead.

Scooter- I think I might have the same as your mom, kid. 

J- And I'll have chicken fingers and fries with a glass of iced tea, please. 

W- sounds good. your food will be out shortly. 

All- Thank you.


The rest of dinner consisted of laughing, and just talking about whatever came to our minds. My mind mostly had Karley on it but I don't know how she feels about me so I dont want to start flirting and her not have feelings for me, so I just kept my cool. 



After dinner, we all went back to the hotel to rest since we have a concert tomorrow. 

J- Karls, I would like for us to have a day out. Just us two bestfriends out having fun. 

K- I would love that! When?

J- Tomorrow at noon, meet me in the lobby. Dress casual. 

K- Sounds good. Good night Justin. 

J- Night Karls.

Karley sent me a warming smile before she hugged me. Oh how I wish she could be mine, I can make her happy and feel safe. But not yet. I need to make my way up to that spot. Right now, it's just two bestfriends hanging out. 

                                                      ~~ Karley's P.O.V. ~~ 

J- Night Karls. 

I dont know what got over me,but I just had this feeling that I needed to hug Justin. So I sent him a warm smile and he smiled back, then I hugged him. I didnt even realize it until my arms were wrapped around his abdomen. I never wanted to let go. He was just so comferting and smelt sooo good. 


I'm so excited to be hanging out with Justin tomorrow. I miss him. A lot. I think I'm actually starting to have feelings for him.. But I dont want to show it because I dont know how he feels about me. So tomorrow, I will try to keep my cool and see if I can tell if he likes me that way. 

I remebered about my key card so I went back to the lobby and got a new card so I could get into my room. 

Once I got into room, I was too lazy to shower so I grabbed my shorts and a hoodie and went into the bathroom to change and wash my face. Once I was finished, I walked out of the bathroom and walked onto the balcony. On my way to the balcony, I Noticed that Charlie was already asleep in her bed. 

I sat down in the chair on the balcony and just looked out at the stars. I must have been zoned out because the next thing I heard was my phone *piiiiing*

I walked into the room, and unplugged my phone. 

* 1 New Message*

To: Karley

From: Justin Biebah

 Hey Karls, Sorry if I woke you up, but I forgot to tell you something earlier. Anyways, text me back when you get this. Justin xx

I was going to text justin back when I noticed the time. 1:30 AM. Geez, I was out there for a while. I decided that I should probably go to bed since I have no time to relax tomorrow. 

I folded the cover back, got in, folded the cover over me and turned the lamp on the bedside tample off. 

Next thing I knew, I was asleep dreaming of my bestfriend. 


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