Amber has encountered what no girl should ever go through. Can Mitch and the gang save her before she dies?


8. Chapter 8

(A/N : I felt sad today so today was the day Amber told her story to the guys. Be prepared for sadness! Sorry guys!)

(Amber's POV)

I woke up before Jason did. I'm glad I did because someone was already up. I walk out of the bathroom quietly and walk Into a random room to find clothing. I found a "Power Moves Only" shirt and some gym shorts. I walk out of the room and run into Jerome. "Glad you like my clothes", he chuckled out. I blushed. He didn't seem to care to much that I was wearing his clothing. We were actually standing really close. It was pretty awkward. I moved to the left and went down the stairs. I'm still kind of lost since I spent the night in the bathroom and not getting a tour of the house. Suddenly, I was pulled into a room. Everyone was standing around me and I started to panic. They were going to ask me questions I knew it. Noah spoke first. "Why are you living on the streets?", he blurts out. I instantly burst into tears. Everyone looked at me in shock and anticipation. I started the story, "I used to live in Nebraska. I lived with my mom, dad, and three brothers. I came home one day to my mom and dad fighting. I went and locked myself in my room, crying. I heard 5 big bangs and steps walking towards my room. My door opened and my dad is crying. He is covered in blood. I look at him with pleading, crying eyes as he turned the gun on me. He began sobbing harder. He then turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger. I heard the sirens coming and just ran out of the house. I walked and walked and walked. I finally stopped. Now I am here." I finished my story. They had no more questions. I just sat there crying. They had silent tears falling from their eyes like little waterfalls. Jerome came over to me and just hugged me. We sat there like that for some time. I then changed the subject. "Is anyone else as hungry as I am?" I asked. They all laughed and we went down to the kitchen. We ate in silence. I asked to see my room. I went in and locked the door. I sat in their crying. No one was to come into my room. I will stay in here until I don't feel the sadness anymore.

(Mitch's POV)

She burst into tears as soon as Noah asked the question. I wished I could just take her away from her past like it never happened. I cried as she told the story. She went through a lot more than a beautiful girl should have gone through. I was too shocked to move. Jerome just walked silently over to her and held her. I can tell that he is crying too. I looked around the room. Every was crying. I had regrets about pulling her into the room now. Then she asked the question that made us laugh. She lightened the mood with that question. "Is anyone as hungry as I am?" She asked quickly. We just laughed and she blushed bright red. We walked down into the kitchen and I made my specialty. "Lucky Charms, anyone?" I asked. She chuckled and looked at the floor. I have her heart! I'm winning! Jerome is ahead of me though. She asked to see her room. I noticed she was wearing Jerome's clothing. Walked her to her room. She walked in and I heard the door lock. All I heard is crying afterwards. I just walked back to the guys with sadness in my eyes.

(Jerome's POV)

She burst into tears. I didn't understand why she was so sad. Then she told the story. She had witnessed the murder and suicide of her family. She could have been killed too. She ran. That was not understandable. I would have went the orphanage, but that's me. She told her story as everyone cried. Our jaws just went through all layers of the house. Everyone was too shocked to move. I walked over to her and just held her. I was crying pretty hard. Then she asked the unimaginable. "Is anyone as hungry as I am?" She asked in a humorous tone. We all just laughed and dried our eyes. We walked down to the kitchen as Mitch prepared us some Lucky Charms. That guy is obsessed with cereal, I swear. Oh well, we were all hungry. We ate in silence after the events of earlier. She was still wearing my shirt and shorts. She asked to go to her room and Mitch took her to see it. I heard the door close. Mitch came over to us with a sad face. I would question him later.

(Mat's POV)

Why was she wearing Jerome's clothes. Oh well, at least it wasn't my clothes. Mitch grabbed her as she walked by and then Jason walked in. She had fear in her eyes. "Maybe we shouldn't do this." I said, hoping someone would agree. Then Noah asked a question I didn't hear. She burst into tears. I was in pure shock. I wanted to take the pain and sadness away. She told a story and we all were just crying like little babies. I couldn't move out of just pure shock. Jerome was the one to move. He walked over to her and held her. I couldn't even feel jealousy. Then she said something I couldn't make out. Everyone started laughing, so I joined in. I honestly didn't know what we were laughing at. I stayed in the room, still unable to move. I never left the room, just fell asleep.

(Noah's POV)

Mitch pulled her into the room as Jason walked in. She was wearing Jerome's clothes. I asked the question as Mat tried to stop us. She burst into tears. I just looked at her in shock. She told the story and we all just cried. I couldn't take the sadness so I just left the room. I would never know what happened next.

(Jason's POV)

I saw her wearing Jerome's clothes as I saw her get pulled into a room. I followed. Mat said we shouldn't do something as I heard Noah ask a question. She just burst into tears. I couldn't tell if she was scared or sad. I soon found out she was sad. Her story was so sad that everyone in the room just cried. Noah left and went to his room. No one else could move, except Jerome. He went to her and held her. I went out to a bar to drink away the sadness.

(We found out what happened in Amber's past. Now what will happen in her future? We shall find out!)

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