Amber has encountered what no girl should ever go through. Can Mitch and the gang save her before she dies?


7. Chapter 7

(Another chapter! Hope things get more and more interesting for y'all's! There is also a new POV! Enjoy!)

(Amber's POV)

We got to the house. As we walked inside, I noticed the smell of alcohol and many beer bottles laying around. There was a drunken, passed out man on the couch. I asked to use their shower so I could escape their questions. I really didn't want to answer any questions. I start daydreaming as Mitch walks me to the bathroom. The bathroom is so big and open. The shower is large. I walk into it as I try to figure out how to turn the water on. It was like turning on some spaceship or something. I finally turned on the water and let it run over my body. It felt so good. My dirty blonde hair eventually turned into bleach blonde hair. I walk out of the shower and dry off. I run my old, old brush threw my hair. It wasn't knotted anymore. I had put on some short shorts and a tighter shirt. Jerome decided to throw a pillow at me. I turned around and bent over to grab the pillow. I heard many whistles and hoots of laughter. There was also a comment about "dat ass". I turned around a blushed, returning the pillow to its place. I went and changed into some longer shorts. I heard a faint sound from the bathroom. I go to investigate. I knocked. "It's occupied!", Jason cried out. He was obviously crying. I opened the door and Jason looked up at me with tears in his eyes. I walked in, closed the door, and sat down next to him and cried. He looked at me confused but kept crying. I leaned into his chest and we fell asleep there.

(Mitch's POV)

Oh yes, just as I thought, Jason wrecked the place. Bad first impression. I was preparing to ask Amber a million questions, but she hurriedly asked where the shower was. I'm pretty sure that she was dodging the questions. Clever girl. She obviously doesn't want to talk about it and I'm considering dropping all the questions I want to ask. I also haven't seen Jason lately. I'm kinda worried about him.

(Jason's POV)

Gosh! Someone just had to shower when I wanted to go and bawl my eyes out in the bathroom! Oh well, it gives me some time to sober up. I'll just sit in the shadows and hope no one sees me. After what seemed like forever and an eternity, the door finally opens and the bathroom is vacant! I walk in there and start to cry into my hands. I hear some shuffling in my room. I didn't care though. I heard a knock on the door. "OCCUPIED!" I said. Whoever it was must have heard me crying and they wouldn't go away. I heard the door open. I look up to see a beautiful girl with bleach blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She was wearing my shirt! Oh well, I didn't care. She started crying, which confused me. I looked up at her and she shut the door. I was slightly frightened but also attracted to her. She sat down next to me and cried. She leaned into my chest and just stayed there. She fell asleep in my arms. I didn't even know her name yet. I soon fell asleep with this unknown girl. I wondered what we would do in the morning.

(Another person Amber has fallen asleep with? What will we do?! I will continue writing chapter 7 and onward. Hope to post more soon! Bye for the night guys!)

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