Amber has encountered what no girl should ever go through. Can Mitch and the gang save her before she dies?


4. Chapter 4

(Another chapter guys! Hope y'all's enjoy this one!)

(Amber's POV)

I sat there staring into my soup, hoping they would go away. They never did. I finally looked at all of them sitting in front of me. Mitch was really close to me and I felt uncomfortable. He noticed my discomfort and slid away from me. I relaxed a little. Before I knew it, Jerome was asking me to come live with Matt, Mitch, Noah, Jason and him. I was shocked and tried to decline. He insisted. I kept trying to decline, but I couldn't resist his big brown eyes. I finally agreed to go and live with them. They were all delighted and I couldn't understand why. I was just another homeless girl on the streets that no one pays attention to. I finished eating and thanked them for working at the soup kitchen.

(Mitch's POV)

She introduced herself as Amber. I personally liked that name. I smiled as she said it and she gave me a weird look. I instantly stop laughing but continue smirking. She let out an odd chuckle. She continued to eat for what seemed like an eternity. I could have eaten that meal at least 20 times before she ever finished it in the first place. I was considering asking her the many questions that were on my mind. I decided to wait until later. It was probably a good plan since we just met and we were in public. Then, out of the blue, Jerome asked her to come and live with us. Jason decided not to come and lived with us too. She looked bewildered. She tried to decline politely. Jerome kept insisting and she kept declining. Matt just finally exclaimed, "Just say yes already!" She looked slightly scared. She hesitantly said yes. So we had a new roommate. What would Jason think. Since he drank a lot after his girlfriend broke up with him, he's almost always drunk and flirting with any girl that comes around. Maybe Amber could change him.

(Jerome's POV)

We were sitting there. Waiting. She finally looked up and gave Mitch a weird look. He was laughing. I was so lost in her beauty, I missed so much of what was going on. Mitch continued smirking. I can't believe i missed so much just by daydreaming. Her name was Amber. Beautiful name. Fitting. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She was looking at me! I looked away blushing. I bet I was red as a tomato. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers. All of the sudden, my mind was in control of my mouth. "Want to come live with us?" I asked almost too enthusiastically. She declined. I pleaded with her and she kept declining. I was once again lost in her beauty, like it was the last time I would ever see her. I hear Matt shout something not audible to me. Her face went from smiling to frightened and she said, "Oh, alright." Looking like she had just seen a ghost. I was so happy I could hardly contain myself. I jumped up and shouted with pain and joy. I banged my knee on the table. That was the worst pain I had experienced in a while. Then I thought of Jason. Oh no, I forgot about Jason. What would he think. Especially after his recent break up and him being drunk most of the time. I really shouldn't have said anything. I'm so stupid!

(Mat's POV)

I was glancing at the guys. I noticed that Mitch had scooted away from her. It made me feel a little better. She had finished eating. Rather slowly I may add. Jerome was lost in some daydream and Noah was staring at her sandwich. Gosh Noah, why not just ask for the dang sandwich? My thoughts raced to Jason. Gosh I'm stupid! We left Jason at home. Alone. What would we come home to today. Then all the sudden, I heard Jerome. "You want to come live with us?" He asks. She declines. I looked at her confused as to why she would decline a warm house. Jerome keeps pleading with her as she keeps declining. I finally snap. "JUST SAY YES ALREADY!" I yelled louder than I wanted to. She look really scared. She said yes though. It made Jerome so happy that he hurt himself. I couldn't help but laugh. Loudly. He glared at me. I laughed harder and louder. We were the last people in the kitchen.

(Noah's POV)

I was listening to the hum of the fans in the soup kitchen. I marveled at all the people we fed today. And one beautiful girl we fed. I can't believe she was homeless. I had a million questions to ask her and I would just wait for the right moment to ask them. "I'm going to go start the car" I left the kitchen. I didn't hear what happened after that. I just went to the car and started it. I heard that her name was Amber. I smiled as I waked away at the thought of a pretty girl with a fitting name. I waited for what seemed like ages. What was keeping them. Was I missing something important. Weird thoughts raced through my mind. Then I switched to Jason. I hope Jason didn't drink the day away. If we came home to a drunk Jason, what would we do then. What was the condition of the house? I pushed these thoughts from my mind.

(She lives with them now!!! Who will she decide to date or fall in love with? We shall find out!)

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