Amber has encountered what no girl should ever go through. Can Mitch and the gang save her before she dies?


3. Chapter 3

(A/N : Another chapter guys! I'm enjoying writing and hope you guys are enjoying the reading!)

(Amber's POV)

I eat nervously, not wanting to eat to much and get sick. I look up from my food as a break and see the 4 guys who were serving us walk towards me. They couldn't have been walking towards lonely, ugly old me. Turns out, they were walking towards me. They sat at the same table as me. Being as shy as I am, I looked down into the soup, trying to find the meaning of what was going on. I fell for all 4 guys and was thinking that they wouldn't bother with a girl like me. Mitch sat closer to me than I was comfortable with. They wouldn't like it if they knew that I knew they were famous.

(Mitch's POV)

As we walked toward her, I noticed fear in her eyes. I stopped the guys and told them that we should just leave her be. The guys kept waking. We arrived at her table and sat down. She was shy I noticed. She stared down I to her soup which made me almost sad. I wondered why she was in the state that she was. I wouldn't ask. I introduced me and the guys to her. "Hi, I'm Mitch, this is Matt, Jerome, and Noah. I was sitting closer to her than any of the guys. I felt like she was hiding something. She hadn't touched her sandwich yet, which means she hadn't seen the note I attached to it.

(Jerome's POV)

I wished I would have listened to Mitch when he tried to stop us from walking over to her. She never seemed to look up from her soup. She was shy, which was to be expected. She stared into her soup like she was searching for something. Mitch sat closer to her than any of us expected. He obviously fell for her, we all did though. Mitch introduced us to her. We waited for her reply. Wow, she was shy and it made her even more beautiful. She ate her food slowly and, I couldn't understand why she was even on the streets. Well, she would have food today and that lightened my mood.

(Mat's POV)

Mitch had warned us to stop walking over to her table. "What, a girl got you all nervous, Mitch," I scoffed. The group chuckled. He looked kind of embarrassed. We got to the table and Mitch sat extremely close to her. I felt jealousy build up in my stomach and I wondered why I was making a fuss over a girl we just met. We obviously all liked her. We couldn't tell what she felt about our presence though. She was staring into her soup like her life depended on it. She was doing this because she was shy I determined. Mitch finally introduced us. I wanted to ask her what put her on the street, but didn't want to seem pushy. I dropped the subject out of my thoughts.

(Noah's POV)

She looked lonely so I led the guys over to the table. Mitch tried to stop us from going over to her. He sounded concerned. Matt scoffed at him and it sent us into a laughing fit. Mitch only glared at us. He just walked on with us. She was shy, I noticed this. Maybe this is why Mitch tried to stop us. It was too late. We were already sitting at her table. Mitch sat closer to her than any of us expected. I felt something in my stomach and then anger. It must have been jealousy. I never expected this to happen. Mitch introduced us. Himself first and me last, like usual. We waited for a reply from her. She sat there staring into her soup like she would find salvation in it.

(Another chapter down! Hope it's getting better. I'm not really a writer :/ hope y'all's enjoy though!)

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