Amber has encountered what no girl should ever go through. Can Mitch and the gang save her before she dies?


2. Chapter 2

(A/N - I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! I currently don't have the whole story finished and hope to continue writing. I will post chapters as they are finished)

(Amber's POV)

I woke up the next morning noticing a note and a $20 bill in my soup can. I run over to the hotel and check YouTube. I scroll through my subscription list, which contains BajanCanadian, ASFJerome, NoochM, MinecraftUniverse, and SkyDoesMinecraft. I see that Mitch uploaded a new v-log. I watch in amazement as I see the local soup kitchen. I wonder if it could have been Mitch that put the money in my can. No, it couldn't have been him. I logged off my YouTube and walked to the soup kitchen. I walked in and saw the large line. I got my food and sat in the far corner. Alone. Like usual.

(Mitch's POV)

The girl I saw sleeping on the street, the one who inspired him to bring his friends here, walked up in the line. I studied her carefully. I learned that she had matted, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, was extremely skinny, was white as a sheet, and had dark circles under her eyes. I handed her the part of the meal he was to serve. A sandwich. I attached a note to the sandwich and smiled at her. I really fell in love with her. I glanced at the others and they stared at her with love in their eyes.

(Jerome's POV)

She walked up to the part of the line where people got their soup. She was real pretty for being homeless. I handed her her soup and smiled at her. She smiled back. She had a beautiful smile. Her deep blue eyes were like big blue oceans. Oh, how I loved her eyes. We stood there staring into each other's eyes. She finally glanced away and moved on to where Matt was standing. I wanted her to look back into my eyes again and just stay there forever. I fell in love. I looked at the other guys. They were thinking the same thing as I was. Who was this beautiful girl and why was she homeless?

(Mat's POV)

I watched as this pretty girl stared into Jerome's eyes. I wondered if their gaze would ever break. When it finally did, it was my turn to hand her crackers and cheese. I smiled at her and she smiled back. She had a beautiful smile. I loved her smile. It made her look like she was not in the situation she was in. It made me feel good to make so many people's day. She moved on to Noah to get a drink.

(Noah's POV)

I saw her stare at Jerome and smile at Mitch and Matt. I wondered what would happen to me. She finally approached. I asked, "water or Pepsi?" She answered, "water". I handed it to her and our hands collided. She was cold, or was that from my hands being in ice for about 2 hours? We stand in this awkward position until Mitch hurries her along. I watch as she goes and sits in the corner of the cafeteria. She sat alone, no one near her.

(Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I will keep writing and make sure things get more interesting)

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