The real world

A girl named Allie goes to a party and she met's a guy, but will he treat he like her last ex boyfriends? stay turned to find out.


3. What happened

 I woke up this morning with a major hangover. I looked over at the clock. It was nine,thirty. " OMG i am going to be late for work " i told myself while jumping out of bed. When i got in my car i sat my phone on the seat, i then saw i had a text message from my boss. I read it and it said "WHERE ARE YOU AT ALLIE"!!!! I drove as fast as i could. I was lucky there wasn't any cops. 

  When i got to work my boss was waiting for me outside. I walked up to her and put my head down. "Were have you been , work started an hour ago" she yelled" I then put my head up so i was looking at her red face. "I had a long night, i slept in , i am sorry it wont happen again" i told her. She then stomped away into her office. 

When i got to my desk i saw Lilly at her desk. Her's was right next to mine. I walked over to her ans said " what happened last night"? She then turned around and said " you dont remember "? 

"No" i replied. She got out her phone and showed me pictures. I couldn't believe what i saw. It was me and that boy. We was kissing and i was dancing on him. I looked at Lilly and asked " how much did i drink last night"? " Alot " she replied. 



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