The real world

A girl named Allie goes to a party and she met's a guy, but will he treat he like her last ex boyfriends? stay turned to find out.


2. bump to buzz

 So we got to the party, it was crowded. There was people on the roof, girls dancing on boys , and people playing beer pong by the pool. 

I was by the drink stand when the dj shut off the music and yelled " will everyone please help me welcome to the stage DJ Malik". He came on stage and started playing some really cool music. 

After he played a couple songs and then some other dude went up. He came over to were i was to get a drink. "Hey can i get a cup of cherry vodca  please" he asked the man giving the drinks. I then looked at him and said " you did good tonight". He looked up from his drink and said" thanks, i love music , its the only thing that really speaks to me". 

The rest of the night we danced and got drunk. 

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