Strange •Justin Bieber•

"Aren't you cold?" He asked, staring at my bare feet. I shook my head and avoided his intense gaze.

"I don't get cold"

Justin never expected to have a young girl move into the apartment next door. But when she does, his life turns upside down.

"Why are your windows boarded like that?" I questioned pointing up to her apartments windows.

"I don't do sunlight" She said quietly with a shrug of her shoulders.

*This is a Justin Bieber and Vampire fan fiction*


1. Prolouge~Justin's POV

I sighed as I stared out of my window, watching as the snow fell onto the now white covered ground.

I looked around the apartment buildings, examining everyone else's doing. Mr. Jeans, was once again fighting with his pregnant wife. I sighed, wondering my they put up with each other if they fight constantly.

I next looked over to Ashton's apartment, he was playing his video games as always. He seemed to know that I was staring and looked up from his game. He instantly made eye contact with me and glaring. I quickly looked away.

I was about to get off my window seal, when I heard a car door slam shut. I looked down to see a moving van. A man, maybe in his 40s got out of the van, gathering some boxes.

I sighed, as I realized there was nothing interesting until another car door slammed shut and a young girl emerged from the side of the van.

I instantly sat up and watched as the girl grab a few boxes and walk towards my apartment building. As she walked I noticed she was not wearing shoes, just a dress. I furrowed my eyebrows and questioned how she was warm in this freezing weather. She soon looked up at my window, her eyes furrowing as I ducked down. I slowly looked back up and they were out of sight.

I ran out of my room and to the front door of my home, looking through the small peephole.

I watched as the man pulled out some keys, the girl following him inside after he unlocked it. They both entered and slammed the door.

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