The Vanished World

Andromeda and the milky way have collided flingly Planet V97 out of the galaxy. There their planet starts to orbit another star. Out in the middle of nowhere they make their own galaxy consisting of a star, a planet, and 13 moons. The V97 is changed violently by this and the small group of survivors find themselves in a different world, and must learn the new ways of V97, or as it now known as the vanished Plant.


3. new and old bright and bold

Andromeda flapped her wings lazily. There was no way she was climbing down that tree. Even with hands, climbing with a 30 foot wingspan was pure torture.

Time to do what she did best, fly. She flapped her wings several times very fast and lifted off the tree. Several feet in the air she just hovered flapping her wings just enough to keep her up in the air.

She looked at the sky and smiled V97's old sky was purple. This sky is a dazzling turquoise, and she loved it. She beat her wings lifting off a few more feet She looked down and the trees were way below her.

"We must have lost some of our gravity, this will take some getting used to," She looked to each side.

She could now see the sea fairly clearly. But she had no wish to go there and spend an unpleasant night with her wings and hair full of salt, and exposed to the elements. No, she would look for a fresh would look for a freshwater lake and bed down there.

"Yes that sounds like a plan," she said. She wasn't even aware she had said that out loud.

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