The Soldiers Daughter

Keeylin Brooks is a all American girl. Her father went to war and now its her turn. But One Direction come and play at the soldier's daughter party. Harry Styles likes her and asked her out.


1. The Soldiers Daughter

Keeylin Brooks was a military soldiers daughter. When her father got badly hurt he came home. The army told him to heal at Fort McGee in Florida. Keeylin decided to live with her dad down there. One day a special band came and played for Janet, Keelyins fathers captain daughter. One band member sees her in uniform and has a crush in her. What he doesn't know is that Keelyin just turned 18 and is going out to war. He asked her to be his girlfriend but she denied. She knew if she went out to war she may never return. It might break his heart. She gets on the plane and he gets on the plane too. He follows her. Will she find out he his following her or will he die just by following her.

This fan fiction is a One Direction fan fiction. The band member who spots Keeylin is Harry Styles.

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