The Soldiers Daughter

Keeylin Brooks is a all American girl. Her father went to war and now its her turn. But One Direction come and play at the soldier's daughter party. Harry Styles likes her and asked her out.


2. The Back Story

Hey, I'm Keelyin Brooks. My father is a military solder. I live in Fort McGee Florida. Before I lived here I lived in Denver Colorado. I lived with my mother Sandy Brooks and my younger brother Kyle.

My mother got a letter one day from the military. It was informing us that my father will be returning home earlier than expected. He got a bad leg injury and had to stay at Fort McGee. They gave us the option to come and live with him while he recovers and trains or to stay here in Denver. I needed to see my father. He had been gone since I was 10. He came back when I was 13. In school I was the only kid with a father over seas.

My mom finally agreed to let me go I packed all my stuff and got a flight straight down to Florida. I got off the bus after the flight and saw my dad. We hugged and he took me back to his little cabin they all had. I had a little room and bathroom. I was disappointed that my mother and brother didn't come with me but I also was happy that she did let me go. I was not the only kid living in Fort McGee. There was a 5 year old girl named Janet and a boy my age named Jack also living there. They had a school and everything.

They other soldiers let Janet, Jack, and I to train with them while we were there. My dad didn't like the idea but he eventually lighted up about the training. I was 17 and I had already done all the training that the new soldiers would have done. My dad and I still live on the base. I got my own uniform with my last name written on it. I got a dog tag and my own little room with all the other new soldiers. Even though I wouldn't go out and get deployed I was allowed to stay with them

So I got you up to date with my life. Now I can just tell you the rest. I need to tell you all about how I met them and decision to go out and get deployed.

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