The Soldiers Daughter

Keeylin Brooks is a all American girl. Her father went to war and now its her turn. But One Direction come and play at the soldier's daughter party. Harry Styles likes her and asked her out.


3. My 18th Birthday Bummer

Keeylin POV

I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I grabbed my uniform and my hair things. I walked to the womens locker room and changed. I did my hair in a low bun. I put a little make up on and washed my hands. I walked to my  locker and put my clothes in there. I walked over to where they had all the girls shoes. I grabbed my tan work boots and put them on. I walked back to my room and grabbed my phone. I put it in the right pants pocket and walked to lunch room. The only thing special was that it was my birthday. Here they made big deal about a teenager turning 18. That means we can get deployed. I really wanted to get deployed. 

"good morning Keeylin. How old are you." Jack asked.

"well I am 18 years old. I am now Solider Keeylin to you. You are still 17." I said

"yah. Did you hear Janets birthday is today." Jack said.

"yes I did. She is 13 years old. She has 5 more years until she can get deployed." I said. we walked in and all eyes were on me. I walked further in and i got a bunch of "happy birthdays" from everyone. I said thanks and then got my breakfast. I sat down and started to eat until Janet came running up to me.

"Happy Birthday Keeylin. Are you going to get deployed? Can you come to my party I am having a special guest." Janet said.

"I might get deployed and yes I will go to your party." I said.

"yes thank you so much." Janet said. With that she ran off to her other party guests.

I pulled my phone out and looked on twitter. There was nothing interesting on it. I got a couple happy birthdays but that was it. I looked at One Directions twitter account and it said "hey were coming to the US for a special party." I wanted to know what the special party was but I didnt care at all. I had a crush on someone but I dont think he likes me back.

His name is Casey. He is 20 years old and is training to be deployed. I hope I get deployed with him. 

"hey princess Happy birthday." My father said.

"aww thanks dad. Can you let me get deployed. You can sign the papers right NOW" I said

"well honey your mother and I decided that you will not be deployed." My father said. 

Did he just crush my dream. Yes he did. I walked away. HE couldn't run my life. I sat in my room thinking about my life if I didnt get deployed. Yes I would still live here. I would be kicked out of Fort McGee. I just want to fight like my father and grandfather did. I want to let everyone in America free. 

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