Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


4. Three

t h r e e 


What could this mean? I don't have a boyfriend,and i'm an awkward person so i'm suspecting that I won't get one anytime soon, unless it's just a fling.It's wierd, you know, just me. I'm not very ordianary, I would say.Well, I was ordinary, up until he came into my life.It has been hell every since. 

My grip tightens on the now crushed note, turning my knuckles white.I throw it across the room, letting out a scream I didn't know that I was holding in.

I quickly change clothes, and make my hair look presentable, brush my teeth, and leave the apartment, yet again,driving to the only place where I knew I could go for help, to my best friends' house, Aryn Cisco.


I open the door,seeing nothing but smoke. I walk over to the couch, seeing Aryn and her boyfriend, Jp, sitting on the couch.

"Hey," Aryn says, her hand motioning for me to sit down.

"Hey,Aryn,can I talk to you for a sec? Alone."I say,my eyes flicking toward Jp and his tattoed muscles wrapped around Aryn's waist.

"Sure.Jp,we are gonna go get some Maccas and talk, stay here babe."Aryn says, standing up off of Jp's lap and putting a jacket on.

"Okay.I love you."He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the lips quckly, before Aryn and I make our way out of her house.

"So what's wrong?"She asks as soon as we get into the car, the rain is pouring down around the car.

"It came back."Was all I said,staring out the window at the rain drops trickling down the surface of the glass.

"Why?I thought it only told you that you can't fall in love?"She questions, glancing at me curiously.

"He gave me a said that it's on the verge of happening again.I'm afraid,Aryn."I ramble, tears quickly forming in my eyes.

"Julie."She says.I don't answer.

"Julie,listen to me,everything is going to be alright.Plus,you don't even have a boyfriend anyways.You don't even fancy anyone."She takes one of her snake bites and puts the piece of metal attatched to her lip between her teeth, twisting it around.

"Okay,okay.So what has been going on with you and Jp?You guys seem..closer." I say, deciding to change the topic.

"Yeah, I don't know.He's been acting wierd lately." Aryn says, tapping her fingers on the steering wheel as she turns the car into the McDonalds parking lot.

Aryn and Jp are so perfect together.They started dating three years ago, and now Aryn is 20 and he is 21.Jp may look like a bad guy, but he's actualy pretty great, and I feel like they were made for eachother, you know, like Bonnie and Clyde.Exept with more tattoos and less bank robbing.

We order chicken nuggets, and leave the drive thru with bags of food.My phone buzzes, with a text from Luke.

From: Lucifer

hey ashtons gonna drive me home in a bit

To: Lucifer 

k.i'm with aryn rn i'll be home shortly

I hit the send button, looking back up to see Aryn talking on the phone, with god knows who.


I arrive back home,hours later, to find the door locked.I bang on the door, finally Luke answeres it.

"Ashton is staying over." He says, walking out of my presence and back to the living room, and I see Ashton sitting down with two controllers in his hand. When Luke takes his seat back, Ashton hands him the controller. 

"Hey to you,too."I groan, walking over to the recliner and slumping down on it.

"Hi, Julie." Ashton smiles.I give him a small,tired smile and stand back up, walking into my bedroom down the hall.I slump down on the bed, just staring at the ceiling.

Ashton's POV

"Where's the bathroom, mate." I ask, looking around the living room.

"Down the hall." Luke answeres, too engrossed in his video game to give me proper directions.

I walk down the hall, feeling the crumpled note that I had found in the kitchen earlier, and I knew it wasn't for Luke.I just had a feeling, that it was for Julie that she must have misplaced.

I know where everything in here is, I know whose room is whose, I know every inch of this apartment, creepy enough.

I turn the knob on Julie's door, walking in. I see her sit up, immediatley , with a suprised face.

"Oh, um, I 'm sorry I was trying to find the bathroom." I lie, scratching the back of my neck.

"No you weren't.I'm not an idiot." She crosses her arms.

"Fine, fine.I found this note in the kitchen and I figured it was yours." I say, taking the crumpled note out of my pocket.The note creeped me out, to be completely honest.

"Oh..Um okay then." She says, tking the note back from me with shaking hands.

"Are you okay? I read the note, and it seems like something bad is going on." I stuff my hands in my pockets, looking at the ground.

"Nothing that you would understand." She answers simply.

"Oh, okay." I say, looking up at her blue eyes, just like Luke's.

She stands up, and unexpectedly, hugs me.I stand there for a moment, my arms at my sides wondering what to do.I wrap my arms around her small body.We hug for a few minutes, and she finally lets go.

"Sorry, I just really needed that."She says, laughing at herself a small bit.

"No, it's fine. Hey, if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me, I'll listen and I won't tell anyone." I say, in almost a whisper.

"Thanks. I might just take you up on that offer." She smiles, as I turn the knob once more and walk out of the door.Butterflies erupt in my stomach as I make my way back to the living room.

"Mate, I know you didn't just go to the bathroom.I heard yours and my sister's conversation.Do you have a crush on her or something, because you sounded pretty awkward in there.You better not though, or I would have to kill you." Luke smirks as I walk back into the living room.

Do I have the slightest crush on Julie? Possibly.





idek i juust wrote this and yea but to people who think this is moving fast; it isn't.We all know we get slight crushes on hot or sweet people at first sight.




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