Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


7. Six

s i x


I frantically run around, my eyes pretty much bulging out of my head.I never told anyone I loved them, nor do I love anyone but Luke, but Luke and I are brother and sister.

That's when the realisation hit me.

The demon knows more than i do.

He knows who I am in apparent 'love' with.He knows everything about me.He sees something I don't, and I need to get to the bottom of it.

"Jules, open up." I hear his thick Aussie accent through my door.

"Ashton?" I open it slightly, being greeted my his hazel eyes.

"I'm sorry,Julie.I'm stupid." He puts his hands in his pockets, swaying back and fourth nervously.

"It's alright.." I trail off.

"Can I un-cancel that date?" He whispers, and smiles.His dimples are so deep that I could probably swim in them.

"Okay." I return the smile.That's when it hit me.

Since the demon sees my future, it must be Ashton.It must be.

"Oh, um, Ashton i'm actually going out.. of town tomorrow for a week." I ramble in the moment.It was a lie, that I would make sure become the truth.I have to stay away from Ashton, or the demon will kill Luke and Ashton.I can't let that happen, no.

"Oh, okay.What time are you leaving tomorrow?" He asked. 

" At noon." I say, knowing that I could catch a train directly to Perth, which is all the way on the other side of Australia, at noon.

"Could you meet me at that little cafe, in town at ten, then?" He asks, hope in his pretty eyes.

"I guess so." I answer, giving him a reassuring smile.

"Okay, cool.I guess i'll see you then.Goodnight, Julie." He smiles, kissing me on the cheek.

"Goodnight, Ash.Oh, and could you tell Luke to come here? I need to talk to him." I tell him.He nods, giving me another kiss on the cheek and disappears into the hallway, seconds later, Luke walking into my room.

"Why were you with Ashton?" Luke storms into my room.

"I wasn't, I heard him coming back from the bathroom, and I told him to come and get you.I need to tell you something." I lie.He lets out a big sigh, sitting on my bed.

"What is it?"

"I'm going to Perth tomorrow.For a week.I know, short notice but I just need a little time to think." I tell Luke. "Do you think you could live a week without me?"

"Yeah, i'll be fine.Don't worry, Jules." He hugs me and stands up.

"Okay, I love you.Goodnight." I say, as he opens the door.

"Love you too, sis."


I had everything arranged, I will stay at an old friends' house with her in Perth.My anxiousness was growing for what was to come as I parked my car in front of the Cafe.

I walk in, to see it is almost deserted, exept for a man and his daughter sitting at a table, and Ashton sitting at a table in the corner.I approach him, as he looks up from his phone and to me.

"Hey, Julie."

"Hi, Ashton." I greet with a smile.

"So, where are you leaving to?" He asks.

"Perth.I'm staying with a friend." I answer, as a blonde-hair middle aged woman nears us.

"What can I get you two lovebirds today." She smiles, I shake it off, ordering a cappuchino and a muffin.

Shortly after, the woman brings us our stuff.I thank her, she nods her head and walks off.

"What are you even going to Perth for?" He asks, taking a bite of his muffin.

"I need to..sort some things out." I stay secluded.He nods, taking a drink.

"Are you and the boys doing any shows while i'm gone?" I ask.

"Yeah, I think we are doing one at a carnival or something on Wednesday." He smiles.

"Cool.I have something to ask you." I blurt out.

"What is it?" 

"Can you be really careful while i'm gone?"

"I guess, but why?" He asks, with a puzzled look written across his face.

"I just, something may happen to you and or Luke.Please, watch what your doing and be really careful.I really care about you, Ashton." I ramble.

"I care about you, too.Trust me, i'll be careful, and i'll make sure Luke is too.Nothing to worry about." He smiles.I let out a sigh of relief, still not feeling that they are actually going to be safe.

"Okay, Ashton, I trust you." I say, finishing off my muffin.

"So,like, are you a witch or something?" He asks, in complete seriousness.I start to laugh.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, like do you do witchcraft or something so that you can tell the future?" He explains, causing me to laugh harder.He starts to laugh too.

"No, I just know.I'm not a witch." I give one last smile, as our laughter dies down.

"That was probably the most ridiculous question I have ever asked." He smirks at his dumbness, the mood between us going from awkward to comfortable.I get out my phone, checking the time.It is eleven fifteen, I should probably leave.

"Ashton, I have to go.My train leaves in less than an hour." I tell him.He nods, calling the waitress over.I grab my pocketbook out, only for him to put his hand over mine.

"I've got this, I asked you here." He flashes a smile, before handing the waitress a twenty dollar bill.

"Thanks for breakfast, Ash."

"My pleasure." He says, we both grab our half empty coffees and stand up.He walks me outside, the only thing sheilding us from the rain pelting down is a small canopy thing that is now kind of seeping with water.I take my unbrella out, and we walk to my car.

He holds my drivers door open for me, lika a gentleman.

"I'm going to miss you." He says, just as I am about to climb in.

"I'm going to miss yo-" I start, being interuppted by his lips smashing onto mine.I am shocked at first, yes, but I kiss back, our lips moving in sync.He bites my bottom lip playfully, and I put my arms around his neck, parting my lips.His tongue slides into my mouth.

After the heated, passionate kiss, he pulls away.

"I think i'm in love with you, Julie." He says.My eyes gowide, in fear of what might happen next.

"Me too." I answer, biting my lip.There, I said it.It slipped past my tongue, and no i'm worrying for two men important to me, will die.I just fucked up so bad, horribly.

"I- I have to go, Ash." I continue.

"Goodbye, Julie." He kisses my forehead.



The train feels as if it has been moving so slow.I become sick to my stomach, at the thought that one of the boys could be dead or hurt by now.

My phone begins ringing, and my eyes squeeze shut, afraid of the contents of this call.I look at it,and see that it's Katherine, the friend i'm staying with's caller ID.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hello, ma'am did you know Katherine Butler?" A man with a deep voice asks.

"Yes, i'm on a train to Perth to come and visit her, what happened?" I demand.

"Katherin, was murdered just about an hour ago.We don't know who the killer is, but he is on the loose.You were the latest person on her recent calls on her private phone." He explains.Tears roll down my cheeks, as the thought of one of my best friends in high school dead.

"W-what?" I say between tears. 

"I'm very sorry, Ma'am.When you get here to Perth, we have to bring you to the police station and question you.Do you know where that is?" He says.

"Yes, I know where it is.My train stops in about 10 hours, though. I can come tomorrow morning." I sniffle.

"Sounds great, you have a good day, Ma'am." He says.

"You too." I hang the phone up.

This must be his way of telling me that he heard me and Ashton, and he's here.



Aye.Idk how i feel about this story anymore, i kinda feel like it's cliche but then again it is kinda original.I'm moving kinda fast with their relationship (kinda) oops but i don't think she'll be able to trust herself for awhile.

^spoiler kinda^

Anyways, Jashton is so cute tbh like who ships it. Comment ' Jashton For Life' if you read this authors note and ship Jashton.


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