Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


8. Seven

s e v e n


walk into the police station, my heels clanking on the ground.I go to the front desk, telling the woman officer my name.She tells me i'm right on time, she leads me to this dark room, with one small light in it.

"Officer Pete will be in soon." She smiles, closing the door.

I twittle my thumbs, looking at the table.I feel like a criminal, I feel like I caused this.

"Miss Hemmings, i'm glad to see that you came." A man, whom i'm guessing is officer Pete, walks in, throwing a file onto the table.

"Why wouldn't I show up?" I ask.

"No reason, I just said that." He says, sitting in his seat across the table.

"Am I in trouble?"

"Is there a reason for you to be?" He asks.

"No, sir." I half-lie.I am actually already in deep shit, and I don't think he would take me to jail for telling him that a demon killed her.Maybe he would put me in an asylum.

"So, Miss Hemmings, did anything wierd happen with Katherine?" He asks, flipping through his file.

"No, we were best friends throughout high school, and I decided to come visit from Sydney." I answer.

"We found hese three red scratches on her back.She was completely nude when her neighbors found her.They heard her screaming.She was shot, multiple times in the head." He informs me.

"Oh my god." I whisper, my eyes wide as he throws a picture of my dead friend in front of me.

"Tell me, Julie, what were you doing before you got on your train?" Pete asks.

"I was out to breakfast with a friend." 

"And, what made you want to leave sydney to come on this little vacation?" He asks.

"I just needed to take some time to..think about some things.Pretty much running away from my problems." I tell him.

"And, do these problems involve anything illegal?"

"No, sir.Just something that stressed me out, that I will not mention." I say.

"Where is you're little brother?"

"How did you know I had a brother?" I ask.

"Background check." He says.

"Okay, well, he's back at our apartment.The friend I was out with to breakfast is going to be staying with him, he's 19 and Luke's best friend." I tell him.

"Okay,so who is this friend?"

"His name is Ashton, sir." I answer, biting my nails.

"What were you guys discussing at breakfast?"

"We were just talking,before I left." I say.

"Okay, Ma'am, I think we're done here.I would advise you to go beck to sydney as soon as possible.But, before we do that, we need to check your belongings.Did you bring them?" He asks.I nod, my bags are in my rental car.

"Could you go get them?We need to search them, you are a suspect." He says.

"What?How am I a suspect?" I question.

"We have to suspect almost everyone she has been associated with in the past couple weeks.I'm sorry." He says.

I walk out to the car, and get my bag.They check through it, finding nothing but my clothes and the other stuff I need.

"Okay, sorry to bother you.Have a safe ride back to Sydney, and stay safe." He tells me, giving me my bag.

"Thank you." I whisper, before walking outside, the day is dark and gloomy.

I drive straight to the rental car place, and return the car, before walking to the nearby train station.I board the soonest train to Sydney.


"Luke.It's Julie.." I start the voicemail.

"I'm coming home tonight.There's been a few problems that i'll talk to you about later.Please call me back as soon as possible.I love you.Bye." I say, pressing the end button on my phone.

I decide to call Ashton, being that he is taking care of my brother and my brother isn't answering the phone.

"Julie." He says, as he answers immediatly.

"Ashton, are you guys  okay?" I ask in a rush.

"No, not really.Luke's lungs are closing or something, he can't breathe." Ashton says quickly.

"Ashton, he has athsma.His inhaler is in the kitchen.I'm coming home in a few hours." 

I hear him searching around, until I finally hear a slam of  a drawer, and feet running.

"Got it! Okay, i'll call you later to tell you how Luke is doing." He says  worridly before hanging up.

"Okay, bye." I say, hanging up once more.


I am standing outside of the train station, the rain still pouring down from yesterday.Yesterday morning seems like it was a completely different world than the rest of the day.

I call Ashton, to ask him if he can pick me up, no answer.I bite my nails nervously, calling Calum.

"Julie?I thought you went somewhere?" Calum says through the phone.

"I did, but I had to come back.Can you come pick me up from the trin station?" I ask.

"Yeah, sure.I'll be there in 5" He says, hanging up the phone.

I tap my foot, only under the small shelter-roof thing at the train station.The rain drops falling all around me, as I stand there with my suitcase, everything perfectly packed inside.

 Calum rides up in his big black truck, pulling in right in front of me.

"Get in, Loser.We're going shopping." He quotes Mean Girls.We both laugh, and I climb inside of the car.

"Thanks for picking me up." I say, biting my nails at the suspence of what I may come home to.

"It's fine, what happened, anyways?" He asks, turning the wheel of the car.

"Do you remember my friend, Katherine?" I ask.

"Yeah, why?"

"S-she died." I say, the tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

"It's alright, Julie.She must be in a better place, it was her time to go." He puts an arm around me and rubs my back, with the other hand on the wheel.

"Thanks, Cal." I say in between choking on my tears.

That's the thing about me, one second I could be easily fake-smiling through it, and the next, I am crying into my brother's best friends t-shirt.Okay, I love Calum and Mike just like brothers, they are the family that Luke and I haven't had in the past few years.Even before our parents died, they were still like brothers to Luke and I.

He plants a friendly kiss on my hair.

"It's all going to be fine, sis."

Calum makes a few more turns, before speeding into the parking lot of the apartment building.

I hurry out of the car, not bothering to wait for Calum.I push the large glass doors open, waliking to Luke and I's door.

I fish the key out of my purse quickly, as Calum catches up to me.

"Julie, what's going on?" He asks furiously.

"I can't tell you!" I say, pushing the door open to an eerily quiet apartment.Too quiet.

Not a sound, nothing.I walk into the kitchen, to see the faucet is dripping slowly.I turn it off all the way.The drawer that Luke's inhaeler was in, was open.But the inhaeler was in there, the same as I had left it.

My palms begin to sweat, as I close the drawer and walk to my bedroom.The bedroom isn't the same, there's something I can't put my finger on, but it's different.

"What are we looking for?" Calum whispers behind me.I shush him, walking into the guest bedroom, and finding, nothing yet again.

I walk into Luke's room, knowing that this would be the moment of truth since Ashton's car was in the lot.

I creak the door open, finding Ashton with dry blood on the corner of his mouth, the first thing that comes to my mind is, he's dead.And Luke is missing.

"Ashton!" I scream, shaking him.

"Calum, can you go and get me some cold water." I yell, and with that, Calum is off into the kitchen.

"Ash, you gotta wake up." I cry.

"I can't have another death." I add, as Calum comes running in quickly with a glass of water.

I throw it on Ashton, his eyes blink open.

"L-Luke is gone" He stutters, sitting up.

"I know.And you're going to help me find him."


The wait is OVER!Sorry it tok so long, I uploaded this chapter 2 days ago on Wattpad and I forgot to upload it on here cx


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