Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


2. One

 *a year later*


Paranormal activity, some people choose to believe it, and some people choose to think it's crazy.I am neither.Well, I believe it, but there's something else.Something that churn my stomach just thinking about it.Thinking about the fact that I am one of the very few who can't fall in love, due to paranormal activity.


I finish the last curl, letting it fall from the curling iron and cascading over my shoulder.I check my makeup, making sure it is done perfectly, and stand up, hearing a knock at Luke and I's door.Perfect timing.I open the door to see Cameron, my sweet boyfriend of a long time.

"Luke,I'm going out!"I call to my brother, following Cameron out of the door.

"Hey babe."He intertwines his fingers in mine, as we walk to his car.

"Hi."I say, taking a seat in the car.


"Julie, what I brought you here for tonight is, um, to tell you something.."He trails off, scratching the back of his neck.

"What is it?"I ask.No, no, no.I hope he doesn't break up with me.

"I think I'm in love with you."He says, my eyes widening in delight.

"I l-"I start, but I feel a sharp pain in my back.I know who it is.

"I, um, have to go.Luke just texted me and said he needed me."I say, standing up, embarrased.

"Good girl.You're mine, remember?Now leave."The demon whispers in my ear.

I run out into the rain, leaving Cameron with a confused and sad look on his face.

I guess love isn't possible for me.

*end of flashback*

"Julie,can you drive me to the boys' house?"Luke calls from the kitchen.

"Um,yeah."I say, grabbing my keys and meeting Luke in the kitchen.He is sitting there with a brownie in hand.

"Lets go."I say coldly,walking out the door.

"Damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Shut up and lets go unless you just want to stay here."I say,yet again rudely, and he follows me to the car.

We both buckle in,and I start driving to Mikey's house.All is silent, before Luke speaks up.

"We're doing a gig next saturday."He says, his smile is ear to ear.

"And did I say you could plan a gig without me knowing?"I asked,harshly.Being his legal guardian has it's benefits.

"Sorry, i just thought-"

"I just fucking with you, Luke.It's fine."I laugh, he lets out a nervous laugh.

"Do you wanna come and watch us"He asks.

"Luke,i'm up for partying.I'm 19,not 84.And it's proabably going to be at a bar anyways,so I would have to be there."I roll my eyes.

I am only two years older than Luke,that explains why i'm his legal guardian because last year I had to take him in my own hands.He treats me like i'm his mother sometimes,but then again he is really protective over me.We have very confusing lives and relationships together.

"Alright,alright."He lets out a giggle as I pull into Mikey's driveway.As Luke opens the door,i step on the gas pedal to scare him.

"Fuck off."He says,getting out.

"Don't use that type of language with me,or i may not pick you up."I joke out the window as I speed away.




This is a very short chapter, but this chapter is just for you to get the feel of the story.This is 523 words,but in regular chapters I have atleast 1000 words.

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