Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


5. Four

f o u r


Julie's POV

I wake up to the bright sun shining through my curtains,I rub my eyes and stand up sleepily, putting my glasses on in the process.I walk out into the living room, to see Luke and Ashton passed out on the couch.

I walk into the kitchen, checking the clock on my phone. It is 10 o' clock.I sit by the counter, and scroll through my twitter, waiting for the boys to wake up.

After about five more minutes of me playing Flappy Bird, Luke strolls in the kitchen in his underwear.He grabs three bowls, and fills them with milk and cereal. Luke and I sit at the kitchen table in silence, both of us on our phones and slurping our cereal.

"Ashton fancies you." Luke says out of nowhere.

"And your point is?" I ask, looking up from my phone and meeting Luke's blue eyes.

"Just saying. But if he asks you out or anything, say no, or I will kick both of your asses." Luke says in a completely serious tone.I gulp, and look back at Luke whom is now digging into his cereal again and suspencefully watching me.

"Fine.Whatever you want, my queen." I say, rolling my eyes and finishing my cereal.As I am walking back to my bedroom, I meet Ashton in the hallway, and what a sight he is; gray sweatpants hung low on his hips, shirtless and showing off his abs and a v-line, his hair messy and he is wearing glasses.

"Hi." I say, eyeing him from head to toe.

"Hey," He says, his voice scruffy from his slumber.

"Luke made you some cereal, he's in the kitchen." I say, Ashton nodding and pulling his pants up a bit, just having them fall back down to their first spot, hung loosely on his hips.He fixes his glasses on his nose, and runs his fingers through his hair.

"Alright.Thanks."He smiles a cheeky little smile, not showing teeth.I grin back, us both walking our separate ways.



It has been about a week since 5 Seconds Of Summer got a new member, Ashton, and they have been practicing super hard for their first gig, which is tonight.

Ashton and I have connected alot over the week, and it's safe to say that Ashton and I are friends.Well, kinda.We have basically been flirting this whole past week, causing Luke to get super pissed off.

"Julie!C'mon we are going to be late!" Luke yells.He has been scrambling the past week, making everything perfect and freaking out about everything. I guess he just has the jitters.

"Okay, okay i'm coming!"I yell, running into the living room to see Luke with his guitar case in his hand.

"You ready?" I ask, getting the keys.

"Yes.Ready as ever." He bites his lip nervously.

"Okay, let's go." I say, opening the fromt door.Luke follows me..We file into the car, and make our way to their little gig.


There is a small crowd around the stage, as they harmonize to their song called 'Beside You'.Ashton slowly beats the drums, Michael does a small bit of background, and Luke and Calum do vocals.Calum,also, plays the bass.

Beside you is probably my favorite song by the boys, it's super sweet.I put my hand in my back pocket feeling a piece of paper. I take it out, seeing the familiar handwriting written on it.

I'm warning you.

Is all it says.

I quickly crumple the note and put it in my pocket, focusing my attention back on the boys.I bite my lip slightly, thinking of the possibilities.What if I do fall in love? I know that's what the note was about, what else?I have to fight the urge, and deal with it.I can't loose Luke and this mystery man, that's not okay.

The boys sing one last song, called Disconnected.It is one of my favorites out of the variety of songs they have written.I order a beer, knowing I won't be here much longer than 10 minutes and I might as well.I sip it quietly while sitting on a bar stool and listening to the boys' voices harmonize.

Once the song is over, my beer is half gone, the bar erupts in applause.Some people even hoot.I walk to the boys, whom are drinking water by the stage.

"Great job, boys!" I say, clapping a small bit.

"Thanks Jules." Michael says, giving a little bow.I laugh, taking another sip of my beer.

"Shall we go home, Luke?" I ask.

"Can all the boys come and stay over?"Luke asks, with pleading eyes.

"Fine." I say, walking out of the bar as the boys follow me.I step into the drivers seat of he car, only to be stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

"I'll drive, you have been drinking." I turn around to see the owner of the hand. it was Ashton.

"It was only one beer."I state.

"Just let me drive." He says, I nod and step out of the car, getting into the passengers seat.

I watch out the window, watching the street lights zip past us as we make our way to Luke and I's apartment.I  lean back in my seat, listening to the 3 screaming boys in the back.I feel another hand on my thigh, causing my whole body to stiffen and my eyes to pop open.

I look over to see Ashton smirking.My body stays stiff the rest of the ride, and I awkwardly watch out the window.

Once we pull into the parking lot, I immediatley jump out of the car, running to our apartment.I open the door quickly, leaving it open for the boys.

Why do I feel so awkward about this? He only put his hand on my leg, why am I freaking out.I slowly walk into the kitchen, ignoring the loud noises caused by the boys in the living room.

I get out a glass, and fill it with water. I take a drink, and sit it down, leaning up against the counter.I stare at the wall, but i'm startled when the door opens.The shadowy figure walks toward me, it is shadowy due to no lights on, and trails his index finger up and down my arm.I freeze, but immediatley know who it is.It's Ashton, judging by the curly hair and long fingers that are carressing my arm.

His lips move onto mine, pecking them slightly,but I want more. He smirks when I smash my lips onto his, moving our lips in sync.

I move my hands into his hair, opening my mouth slighly as he slides his tongue in. Suddenly, the light of the kitchen flickers on.We separate off of eachother immediatley.We see Calum, standing by the door with a shocked look on his face.

"What the fuck?"



Okay, so just letting you know, I wrote this on Wattpad but I wanted to put this on here too.I update faster on wattpad, and then I copy and pate the chapter on movellas.My wattpad is LilacLucas. All the storys i post on here are also on ym wattpad, just letting you guys know.

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