Sinister // ashton irwin

" Everyone has a secret, mine is just a little more out of the ordinary"


6. Five

f i v e


Calum stood there for awhile, looking back and fourth between us.

"I won't tell Luke." He mutters, pushing past us and taking a bag of chips off of the counter.Calum leaves the room, leaving Ashton and I staring at eachother awkwardly.

"I like you, Julie." Ashton blurts out.I feel as if my heart is beginning to beat out of my chest.

"I like you too." I say.

"We should, you know, hang out sometime.Alone." He says, putting his hands on my waist.

"We are alone." I smirk.

"Oh yeah, we are, aren't we." He gives me a cheeky smile and leans in, attatching his lips to mine.

His hands are around my waist, and mine find their spot back to his curls.He grinds his hips onto mine, letting out a small moan.He begins moving his hands up my shirt.He lifts my shirt over my head, and I mreak the kiss.

"Ashton, I can't have sex with you." I groan as he places kisses down my neck.

"Why not?" He questions.

"Because for one, Luke and the boys are in there, and for two, we only met a week ago, Ashton.I'm not some kind of whore."

"Whatever.You know, actually, i'm gonna call a rain check on that date." He says and storms out of the room. What the hell is his problem?

I run into my room, slamming the door behind me and locking it.I fall face first on my bed, and let out a loud groan.I sit up on my bed, cross legged, and lay my head in my hands.I really like Ashton, and I was really looking forward to the date, and I wasn't ready to have sex with him so he cancels our date and now he's pissed off at me?What in the actual hell.

Another reason that I couldn't have told him if we did have sex; i knew I would fall for him, even though I already slowly am.I let hot tears stream down my cheeks.And wheezing sounds come out of my mouth.

"Julie." I hear Luke's voice as he knocks on my door.I completely ignore it and go dead silent.

"Julie, open up." Luke says.

"C'mon, Jules." He sighs.

"Leave me alone, Luke." I shout, the only person that can know about this whole thing with Ashton is Calum and Aryn. 

I open my window, suddenly getting hot.As soon as I open it, a piece of paper flies in.

No more warnings.I'm coming.



really short and boring bYE

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