Vaako's Downfall, Book One of the Rina Series

A girl is found outside a ship on Helion Prime. No one but the girl knows where she came from, or why she's there. What will happen when she meets the new Lord Marshal? Post CoR. The Cover Characters are (clockwise from top): Riddick, Dame Vaako, Lord Vaako, Derek, Sylvia, Jakkob, and the girl in the centre is Rina.
Coming Soon: The Rise of Mikkieal, Book Two of the Rina Series


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three


As I walk out the doors of the Necromonger ship onto the barren grounds of Helion Prime, I think how am I going to explain this? As we get to the bottom of the steps, I see Kelcons all around. Riddick starts out, "People of Kelcon, she's not a prisoner." I put a hand on his bicep, inwardly reveling in the strength of the muscle beneath the skin.

"Let me." He nods. "Warriors of Kelcon," I say, turning to the crowd, "as The Lord Marshal has just told you, I am no prisoner." I take a deep breath. "I left of my own free will."


Riddick's POV

Left? "As short of a time as I have already been here, I can tell you these people are kind. Go home to your families and friends." A few warriors yell.

"Long live the princess! Long live Katarina!" She looks at a man in the audience, and her eyes widen in fear. She turns and runs, pushing past people to get inside. I follow her. She sits down inside the doors. I run to her, putting my arm around her shoulders. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't want anyone to know. I left for a reason." She turns to me, tears swimming in her bright green eyes.

"Know what?"

"Who I was. Why I'm here. Why I left. Where I'm from."

"None of that matters to me, Rina. You're still you. That's all I see."

"Really?" She whispers as a tear falls slowly down her left cheek. I brush it away with my finger.

"Yes. No matter what I've heard about you, I've seen you fight back not once, but twice. Maybe I should get rid of Vaako. you seem to be more...well, more." I grin, wiping away the salty tear with my thumb, feeling her soft skin. She's so pale, it's like she's a ghost.


Rina's POV

A man walks in, wearing Necromonger armor. "Milord, the Kelcon warriors wish to see more time. They won't leave until that happens. One refuses to leave even then." I groan.


"I think I know who the one is."


"My stepfather wants...never mind." I turn to the messenger. "Where?"

"The fields." I nod, and he leaves. I start to walk out, but turn to Riddick.

"Where are the fields, exactly?"

"I'll show you," he answers, grabbing my hand. He's not like anyone else. He's not treating me like I'm going to break, or I'm a threat. He's not crushing my hand, or holding it like I'm fragile. It's...nice.

We get to the field, and I see Kelcon ships everywhere. I walk to the closest one. "Where is he?"

"Princess!" The man bows.

"Where is Derek?" He points to my left, and I look over to see Derek standing there, smirking.

"If you will excuse me." I tell the man. I walk closer to Derek, unwillingly. Anything to get him to leave.

"Princess! We were worried! Who is this?" He asks, referring to Riddick.

"This is The Lord Marshal. One of the kindest people on this planet." I turn to Riddick. "And this is Derek, the commanding officer." He nods. I turn back to Derek.

"That's nice, when are we leaving?" He runs a lightly tanned hand through his platinum shoulder length hair.

"What do you mean?"

"Your father-"


"-wants us to be married by next week."

"No. I refuse to be sold off like cattle. Especially to you."

"You aren't being sold. And I will not tolerate being spoken to like this."

"I don't care what you will not tolerate, you idiotic, sexist, hotheaded, jerk!"

"Stop being unreasonable!"

"I'm not being unreasonable! I thought Kelcon people were civilized! That we were out of the dark ages! We don't do arranged marriages!"

"Just get on the ship! We're going home." He grabs my arm and starts to pull me along. Riddick takes a shiv out of...I don't know, actually, and holds it to Derek's throat. They look at each other. Derek releases my arm.

"I don't think she wants to go with you." I rub where he grabbed me.

"Go home, Derek. Tell the king I'm sorry. That I'm staying. Thank him for taking me in." We start to walk away.

"Why would you marry him?"

"Not my choice, apparently." I look over my shoulder as Derek glares at us. "But he should be leaving!" I turn back around and continue walking. I look at Riddick. "I think that went well." He smirks at me.

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