Vaako's Downfall, Book One of the Rina Series

A girl is found outside a ship on Helion Prime. No one but the girl knows where she came from, or why she's there. What will happen when she meets the new Lord Marshal? Post CoR. The Cover Characters are (clockwise from top): Riddick, Dame Vaako, Lord Vaako, Derek, Sylvia, Jakkob, and the girl in the centre is Rina.
Coming Soon: The Rise of Mikkieal, Book Two of the Rina Series


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five


It’s almost midnight and I can’t sleep. I decide I should explain to father. I find paper, pen, and a desk in the corner by the door. I sit and start to write:


September 27


Dear Stepfather,


    I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not marry Derek. I cannot love a rude, immature boy. No matter what he has told you, this is by my own heart and mind.The Necromongers’ Lord Marshal is the kindest man you’d ever meet. He has made me his commander-in-chief. Derek, by the way, is no longer allowed here.

    I am not coming back. New Mecca is my home now. I am no longer Princess Katarina, but simply Rina. I will truly miss you. Say goodbye to everyone for me, please.


With Love,

Rina of New Mecca


When I finish, I lay down and finally fall asleep. The next morning, my maid walks in. She sets down a dressing outfit. It’s familiar to me. “Excuse me…”


“What is that?”

“It’s your clothes from when you arrived. Do you not want them?”

“No, please…” She hands them over and leaves. I get dressed, slowly pulling them over my bruised, beaten body. The silk top, with green accents over the purple. The leather pants with white designs. Then my heeled boots, with their tall, sharp heels. I pull my hair out of the top and look down at myself. I look presentable. I walk out, and call for Sylvia. She walks back, and I ask, “Do you know if any of Kelcon’s soldiers are still here?”

“Yes, but why, if I may ask?”

“I wish for one to send a letter to their king.” She smiles and leads me back out to the fields. She had let me grab a roll before we left the ship, and we walk past the guards. I see a familiar face and run up to hug him around the neck. “Jakkob! Where have you been?!”

“Well, we’ve been trying to get Derek to go home. We’d just accomplished before you attacked me!” He points to a ship flying off the planet.

“Sylvia, this is Jakkob, my brother for all intents and purposes. Jakkob, this is Sylvia.”

“Now, why are you here? Are you going home?”

“Not exactly, I am home. I was wondering if you could give this to father.” I pull out the letter, and he takes it. He frowns.

“You’re not going back, are you?”

“No, Jakkob, I’m sorry.” He looks at the roll in my hand. I laugh and hand it to him. “Jakkob, you little…” I don’t finish my sentence because I start laughing at the innocent look on his face.

“I’m hungry, Ri… I haven’t eaten in a while.”


“Why haven’t you ate?” I asked, getting a bit frustrated.

“Don’t have time.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed.” I laugh softly before patting his stomach. I pause. “Jakkob! When did you get abs?!” We sit and laugh, talking all the time before finally, I go inside to sleep.

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