Sup I'm rania call me rebel unless you want your azz kicked you do me wrong you'll regret it.sweet as suger cold as ice break me once I'll break you twice


5. finding out my secret

I ran away from them jumping in the lake swimming to the concert hall singing part of a song I wrote.

If your afraid to fall you'll never fly if your afraid to walk on ground you'll never touch the sky you can't hide forever so let's fly together grow wings and fly away don't listen to what them people say you can't do it. Ok every one I take questions.(: people started to slowly raise there I said pointing to a girl who was fake tanned fake blond and fake blue eyed I could already tell I wasn't going to like what she um....yeah so...ok why do you um...look like that?

What do you mean? I mean all the cuts and bruises and scars. Just stop I said weakly crying I walked back running into a tall sorry he said but I was already running away into the BOYS BATHROOM!!!!!!! I walked in to the stall jumping out a window.she saw my cuts and scars and bruises no one supposed to see those ok yeah my brother does not do that but si does yeah you caught me ok I act like a bitch but I'm really just a abused girl with no one to turn to.ok well bye

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