Sup I'm rania call me rebel unless you want your azz kicked you do me wrong you'll regret it.sweet as suger cold as ice break me once I'll break you twice


1. a normal day

I woke up to my sister screaming at me. Shut up Courtney!!!!! I said get up rania that's it I screamed attacking her I started punching her when my brother walked in.really rebel you almost killed her?!?!?! Not my fault she wants to be a bitch !!!!!Just get ready. Ok ok fine. Ripped jeans rebel shirt leather jacket and messed up convers worked for me. I slid down the railing to the door walking out. I got to school sitting by my friends one direction was there gang name. Some girl gave me a nasty stare. Hey bitch what you staring at? Then let's say she won't be able to walk for awhile. I got detention with simon the principal. Big whoop he's a softie any way well that's the beginning of how I got famous in a good way

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