Hearts Meet

Hearts Meet:
Life couldn't get any easier when you get to spend forever with your sister right? wrong it gets harder and there is never peace... Until you meet the one for you. Meet Ivy and Willow Swan Sisters That are as Different as Night and Day. Willow is more The Night and Ivy is more the Day.

Willow- "Ivy? Should we tell them our story?"
Ivy- "sure but it's not a happy one well the beginning is but it gets sad."
Willow- "I know but they should read it. But my story is first then it's yours. So don't get too jealous sister dear."
Ivy- "I know I know just don't brag.".

~Willow’s POV~
Secret's usually make the best beginnings don't you think? This secret was one that I wanted to tell though, wanted to have it fly from my lips and into his ears. But I didn't know how to tell it to him. To follow that secret up with a kiss? That's bad enough, but a kiss that wasn't meant to happen? That's


5. Chapter 5- Flashback To 1973-74

Chapter 5- Flashback To 1973-74

~Willow's POV~

My parents were ordinary people. Yeah they were hippies and we moved around a lot and they had us young but I Loved them and my little sister Ivy. I was dating this guy he was years older than me. But he looked so young. That was my downfall.

*~Flashback November 1973~*

I was walking along the path back home after I left my friends house. We were celebrating my birthday. My 19th birthday to be exact. My boyfriend at the time Damien was walking with me. I knew something was off with him. He never looked a day older than 21. It was unnerving considering he said he was 30. I don't know why I am taking him home to meet my parents but I want to I feel like I'm compelled to. I guess it could be that fact that he's different that the other guys I've dated. He is older, smarter, also he's very cute and very nice. Yeah I'm just a girl that is falling in love like a lovestruck teenager but I don't care! I welcome it! I have never felt more alive. And I feel that way with Damien.

*~Flashback February 21, 1974~*

Oh no! He's a monster! A Vampire! He keeps trying to kill me... I don't want to die... because I have my sister. He's already killed my parents. I found their bodies. He tried to put them around town to make it look like he didn't do it... but I know the truth. I will do anything to Protect my sister from him. He's already gotten to me but I wont let her be harmed by him. No way in hell. Shes only 17. She hasn't even had her 18th birthday yet. No way is she being harmed. I'd Die before letting him touch her. He's coming after me and I've never been so scared in my life.... I made Ivy go to her friends house until she gets a call from me... I also left her a letter to only open if I don’t call within a few days. Its my job to protect her after I got our parents killed. And I will die trying to. I can hear him banging through the house trying to find me but I'm hidden in the attic behind a bunch of old dresses. They are mostly from my childhood.

“Where are you, you little bitch... I will find you.” Damien whispered menacingly. I shrank back against the boxes and dresses and prayed he wouldn't find me. Please please please don't find me. My eyes widened as he spotted me hiding back against the boxes. “There you are” he smirked tauntingly and lunged for me. I screamed but that was quickly cut off as he sank his fangs into my throat forcing himself on me. I cried and cried the whole time as he Raped and changed me. I don't want this. I never did. Please save me. Anyone. Those were my last thoughts before I passed out from the pain. When I woke up 4 days Later Ivy was here and So was he. He had changed her which pissed me off. I didn't want him to touch my sister. I searched her mind for a clue as to if he did what he did to me to her and found none.

*~Back to the Present~*

Later I found out he didn't rape her just me, but I was so pissed that day that I snapped and killed him for killing me. Why did I have to go through painful memories this time of night? Now I'm going to remember that for a while... I decided against letting Ivy straighten my hair tonight and put it in a simple braid and crawls into bed and curls up music still playing and Went to sleep. 

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