Hearts Meet

Hearts Meet:
Life couldn't get any easier when you get to spend forever with your sister right? wrong it gets harder and there is never peace... Until you meet the one for you. Meet Ivy and Willow Swan Sisters That are as Different as Night and Day. Willow is more The Night and Ivy is more the Day.

Willow- "Ivy? Should we tell them our story?"
Ivy- "sure but it's not a happy one well the beginning is but it gets sad."
Willow- "I know but they should read it. But my story is first then it's yours. So don't get too jealous sister dear."
Ivy- "I know I know just don't brag.".

~Willow’s POV~
Secret's usually make the best beginnings don't you think? This secret was one that I wanted to tell though, wanted to have it fly from my lips and into his ears. But I didn't know how to tell it to him. To follow that secret up with a kiss? That's bad enough, but a kiss that wasn't meant to happen? That's


4. Chapter 4 - Heart By Heart

Chapter 4 - Heart By Heart

~Willow's POV~

Holy Crap I just ran into this really gorgeous guy and I was too stunned to care. All I can think about now that I’m at home is him and how gorgeous he is. Am I a lovestruck teenager? No I can’t be I’m almost 59 years old! Well Technically I Look 19 but that's not the point. I’m a freaking vampire so I don’t age. Which at times sucks. Yes being a vampire has its perks but It also sucks. I mean come on Who wants to forever be in a Teenagers body? I looked at the number on my hand and decided to Text it. What harm can come of it? I mean He can’t hurt me at my own home. Can He? Pulling out my phone I flashed him a text; 'Hey Its Willow we ran into each other in the woods'. While I waited on his reply I went into the kitchen and looked for food. Hmmm I can make grilled cheese... Or French toast... Or pancakes. What should I make... Oh I know! Grilled cheese and tomato soup! Plugging my phone into my dock I blasted my music and made just that while I waited for a text from Chase. You might be wondering again why I Eat human food its because its amazing. God life is amazing even though I'm a vampire. My phone buzzed just as I flipped my sandwich. Yay a text! ‘Hey Love! thanks for texting me! How are you?!’ I blushed reading the message and flipped my sandwich when it was done and replied to him. Dancing through the kitchen while typing back to him.

Willow- Hey Chase! And I’m good just making me some dinner! Xx

Chase- I see anything good? Xx

Willow- I'm Making Grilled cheese and tomato soup! Xx

Chase- Sounds good! Im making chicken and pasta for my brother and I. Xx

Willow- Awesome! Xx

I was laughing and dancing making my food when i seen Ivy walk in the room.

What are you so happy about Willow?” Ivy said looking at her sister and her phone.

I met a guy... I am pretty sure he's like us but I'm not 100% sure...” I said smiling and really happy. Humming I flipped the grilled cheese over making a 6th one for Ivy and I.

Wow, you were busy today. Grilled cheese and tomato soup? Yay! I love that!” She said laughing and excited for the grilled cheese. Man its been a long day I thought as I put dinner on the table and got us a glass of blood as we keep some extra blood bags in the fridge and freezer if we need them. As I set the table I was thinking about Chase. Man he is hot... I cant wait to get to know him better.

Willow your zoning again. Stop it. And stop thinking about that boy.” Ivy said laughing.

Snapping my head up, I looked at her. “Sorry... I don't mean to!” Blushing a bit even though we don't have fast heart beats we can still blush its just not as red. My hair decided to fall out of the pony tail, That I had it in and fell in a red mess along shoulders and towards my waist. I sat down sighing and brushed my hair out of my face.

Its ok Wil now pull back your hair that you still wont let me do anything with and eat this amazing dinner that you made.” She said looking at my tangled mess of red hair and shaking her head.

Pulling it up laughing slightly. “I may let you straighten it tomorrow. For school. To go with my black skinnies and Asking Alexandria shirt.” I should get my hair trimmed some day because of how long it is but I Love it this long.

Yay! Please! Please! Please! I want to do your hair tomorrow!” Ivy begged and started jumping up and down.

Fine yes you can.” I said laughing as I took a bite of my grilled cheese. I laughed as she cheered and dug into her food. As we ate our dinner and drank our glasses of blood we talked about our days. And how we both had met guys on the very same day. Chase and Logan. Wonder if they are related. They could be. Maybe we will find out tomorrow. I smiled and cleaned up the table. I hummed as I cleaned. But as I hummed I ended up singing outloud. I sang Innocence by Avril Lavigne.


This innocence is brilliant, I hope that it will stay, This moment is perfect, Please don't go away, I need you now, And I'll hold on to it, Don't you let it pass you by, I found a place so safe, not a single tear, The first time in my life and now it's so clear, Feel calm, I belong, I'm so happy here, It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere” I was singing with all my heart smiling to myself.

Your good Willow... you should try and make a youtube video. And maybe write your own song for it.” Ivy said watching me after bringing her dishes to the kitchen and drinking a second cup of blood.

Thanks. And maybe. I dont want to be found out. We are Vampires... It is dangerous... and well I dont want to be found out...” I chuckled and smiled washing the last plate and helping myself to another glass of blood. Maybe I could do it. Maybe I could sing and not be known or it be known that I'm a vampire. “You really think I could make a video? And it not get out that I'm a vampire?” looking at her I chewed my lip waiting for her answer.

Yes I think you could. One; because Your voice is amazing. Two; because you are a beautiful girl and deserve a chance to see what you could do. Plus you had that amazing voice 28 years ago to. So yeah go for it.” Ivy smiled and washed out her glass and placed it on the counter. I smiled and grabs my ihome and takes it to the living room with me. I might take a bath before letting her work on hair. Yeah I am. Its a much needed one.

Hey Ivy Im going to go take a bath. Then you can work on my hair. Good thing we dont need that much sleep. You may be at it for a few hours my hair is thick and to my waist.” I grinned and went upstairs to my room and got out some pjs out for later. It was a pair of boy shorts and a black camisole plus undies and a bra but that only stays on till I lay down anyway. As I walked into the bathroom I put my phone on the bathroom dock and hit shuffle again and Always Be Together by Little Mix came on. Ever since that song came out last year I've been in love with it because Its me and my sister through and through. As I started my bath I sang along to the song.

We'll always be together, Don't you worry, Don't you worry, I'll always be by your side, Don't you worry, Don't you worry, The circle will never end, It'll never ends, Just know that we'll meet again, We'll meet again, And we'll always be together, Forever always, Oh, I am here” I sighed singing softly and strips getting into the bath and relaxes thinking about school tomorrow. I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew Ivy was up in my room waking me up.

WAKE UP!” she said laughing as I jumped.

Bitch... don't do that to me!” I laughed as I sat up after going under. I guess keeping my hair dry was out of the question. I got out of the bath and wrapped my towel around my body. I looked over at my sister who is laughing her ass off at me and flipped her the middle finger. “Dont laugh at me Ivy Rose.” I smirked and my hair crackled drying instantly. Thank you for these amazing gifts!

Sorry! I'll go away now.... Just wanted to make sure you didn't drown. That and your phone is ringing.” She grinned and ran out of the room at human speed. When I heard her say my phone was ringing I ran over to it after pulling the plug in the bathtube of course and answered it.


Hello? Who is calling?” I asked slowly drying off and getting dressed while I waited for an answer.

Um Hi Willow? Its Chase. I was wondering are you going to be at school tomorrow?” Chase said into the phone sounding nervous. I chuckled and finished getting dressed.

Well Duhh Its not legal to skip the second day. Well It is. But yes I will be there. Why?” I asked honestly curious as to why he wanted to know. As I run the brush through my hair I wait for his response.

Well I was just hoping I'd see you there... Plus you made quite the impression on me. And I'd like to get to know you. If thats alright?” he hurriedly finished what he was saying.

Yes you can get to know me. And Yes you'll see me there. My sister and I are going to the school. Shes a sophmore and I'm a Junior but we have the same math class. So yes you'll see me there.” I smiled saying that. Maybe It will be a good thing to get to know him. I can't remain single forever. Can I?

Awesome! And I'll see you there! Its the same way with my brother and I. He's a sophmore and Im a junior.” He said and sounded like he was smiling into the phone. Man he has a cute accent. I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

Listen Its Late I gotta go and get some sleep.” I said making up just a bit of a lie. I mean I do need sleep but not alot. I hope he understands.

Yeah thats fine Love... I should probably sleep to. After all its my first day of school tomorrow.” He said and hung up the phone efficiently ending the call between us. I grinned and turned on Case Closed. Yes I have alot of Little Mix on my phone. I didn't get the one without alot of memory for no reason.

Got your fingerprints as evidence all on my body, Put your right hand on the book and you were found guilty, I can't wait forever but that's how it's gonna be, For me they'll never be, Case closed, No matter what the verdict say, Case closed, Too many questions in my head, Case closed, And I'm still waiting for a while, Why there can never be, Got your fingerprints as evidence all on my body, Put your right hand on the book and you were found guilty, I can't wait forever but that's how it's gonna be, For me they'll never be, Case closed, No matter what the verdict say, Case closed, Too many questions in my head, Case closed” I sang with all my heart remembering the day I was changed.


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