Hearts Meet

Hearts Meet:
Life couldn't get any easier when you get to spend forever with your sister right? wrong it gets harder and there is never peace... Until you meet the one for you. Meet Ivy and Willow Swan Sisters That are as Different as Night and Day. Willow is more The Night and Ivy is more the Day.

Willow- "Ivy? Should we tell them our story?"
Ivy- "sure but it's not a happy one well the beginning is but it gets sad."
Willow- "I know but they should read it. But my story is first then it's yours. So don't get too jealous sister dear."
Ivy- "I know I know just don't brag.".

~Willow’s POV~
Secret's usually make the best beginnings don't you think? This secret was one that I wanted to tell though, wanted to have it fly from my lips and into his ears. But I didn't know how to tell it to him. To follow that secret up with a kiss? That's bad enough, but a kiss that wasn't meant to happen? That's


2. Chapter 2 The Start of High School Again

Chapter 2 The Start of High School Again

~Teacher’s POV~

Today these Siblings are starting at our school,I wonder if there are alike...if they are it will be really hard to tell them apart. Willow and Ivy Swan.... Wonder where they are from? I guess we'll find out sooner or later. I just hope they are good students and not a bad influence on the others. Ahh they are in my class first well here we go with the day, I wrote the days work on the boardPage 26 of your books questions 1-5’. Did I mention I teach Algebra? Yes the hardest class first, what the heck right? Here they come first day of the year.

Hi I’m Willow Swan” The girl with vivid red hair said.

Hi I’m Ivy Swan” the other girl she had dark brown hair that looked almost black said.

And I can tell them apart from their hair colors great “take your seats and begin the work on page 26” I said as I handed them books, I sighed as I got the seating chart out and penciled in their names as the other students took their seats.

~Willow’s POV~

I looked over at Ivy as I took out my things and rolled my eyes yay algebra first thing this is going to be fun, I thought sarcastically. I sighed and opened up the book, not really intending to do any work, I was just going to sit there and act like I was working, that way I can sit in peace and maybe the teacher wouldn’t ask me any questions. I put my head down and poised my pen to write my name but I was distracted by the loud students coming through the door late as if they ruled the school. A few of them bore the school jersey which told me that if this was your typical high school then they were probably at the top of the food chain so they pretty much would rule the school.

I rolled my eyes as they made their way to their seats directing a few mean comments at some of the nerds in the room, I rolled my eyes as the cliche unfolded before me, I sighed and decided it would be best to ignore it but one of the doofuses just wouldn’t let me.

Hey your the new girls!”

Oh yeah! dude they're hot!” another neanderthal added.

Dibs! Hola chica” another dufus called out, coming up to me wiggling his eyebrows and that was it! I couldn’t listen to these fools a second longer, I practically jumped out of my seat and into his face.

You can’t call dibs on humans ass hole!” I shouted in his face. God I hate Humans at times... They Irritate me... I also hate Algebra... Damn you Ivy... If you’re wondering Ivy and I can communicate through our thoughts. Weird Right? No we don’t think so.. I mean we are sisters. So anything is possible. The weird thing is we were able to do that as humans to... Looking at Ivy I decided that I was going to spam her mind...Ivy? Ivyyy? Ivvvyyy? Ivyyyyy? Ivy Swan? ANSWER ME!’ Oh man shes going to kill me... She glared at me from the aisle over... I knew she would.., Sighing I did the work I was supposed to do so I wouldn’t get into trouble on the very first day... Now that wouldn’t be fun. God I need to hunt after today... Humans make me so mad... Anyway when the bell rang i got up and left the class not waiting on Ivy today... She needs to find her way somehow..

~*~End of the Day~*~

I seriously hate High School. Why did Ivy and I decide to come? I swear if we don’t find out who invented high school I may scream. I texted Ivy saying I was going to go for a run for her to take the car home. Heading straight for the woods I took off into a run and ran smack dab into a chest..... Oh Shit!


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