Hearts Meet

Hearts Meet:
Life couldn't get any easier when you get to spend forever with your sister right? wrong it gets harder and there is never peace... Until you meet the one for you. Meet Ivy and Willow Swan Sisters That are as Different as Night and Day. Willow is more The Night and Ivy is more the Day.

Willow- "Ivy? Should we tell them our story?"
Ivy- "sure but it's not a happy one well the beginning is but it gets sad."
Willow- "I know but they should read it. But my story is first then it's yours. So don't get too jealous sister dear."
Ivy- "I know I know just don't brag.".

~Willow’s POV~
Secret's usually make the best beginnings don't you think? This secret was one that I wanted to tell though, wanted to have it fly from my lips and into his ears. But I didn't know how to tell it to him. To follow that secret up with a kiss? That's bad enough, but a kiss that wasn't meant to happen? That's


1. Chapter 1 Chocolate Doughnuts

Chapter 1 Chocolate Doughnuts....

~Willow's POV~

So today Ivy and I were going to go looking for a new home we move around ever so often so we don’t attract attention to ourselves since we’re, technically only 19 and 18 and should really be with our parents. We didn’t really want to Leave Seattle but we had no choice people were starting to notice that we were different, which wasn’t good for anyone; plus our parents are dead they were killed when we were changed. I was sitting at the kitchen counter in our Apartment waiting for Ivy to wake up so in the meantime I decided to eat something, you’re probably thinking what they hell? Eat something? I thought vampires just drank blood. Well the truth is we can eat and drink we just need blood to sustain us and keep us strong.

Yes, it is odd but I like Chocolate doughnuts and refuse to give them up for anything and since I can’t get any fatter all the better! I know a few hundred girls that would kill to be able to eat the way I do and not get any fatter. I opened the box of donuts and began to devour them, when there was only a few left I stopped and thought, I should leave some for Ivy, she'll get mad if she finds out I finished the entire box, just one more and well after that one was another and then another until the box was empty. I looked at the empty box with wide eyes, crap I muttered and is if she sensed it she came into the room, I hide the box behind my back and placed a fake smile onto my face.

Heeey Ivyyyyy” I stretched out trying to look innocent.

Hey Willow.. What are you hiding?” knowing I was up to something because we’re sisters and well I’m not that good at hiding things, especially not from her.

Nothing.... why do you ask?” I questioned still trying to look innocent, which wasn’t working out because I wanted to burst out laughing.

Did you eat all the doughnuts? I know you did, no use hiding it from me Ivy.” she said laughing a little.

NO! Why would you think that?! “ I tried denying but we all knew I did. “OK, yes I did no use hiding it” I laughed.

See I was right! Whyyyyy all the chocolate doughnuts you know that those are my favorite too!” she whined.

I know I tried to stop but you know me and my obsessive cravings of Chocolate and doughnut’s I just had to have them all!” I said while laughing. Damn I knew I should have saved her some damn doughnuts!



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