Our Love Will Remain- The stroy after Mockingjay

This story is originally written by: http://www.wattpad.com/user/hungergamesem
This story begins two years after the war and rebellion is over, and it is simply a story about Katniss' and Peeta's life together. In many other stories I've read, the Hunger Games return and continue to slaughter twenty-three children every year. That has not happened and is not going to happen in my story. This story is for Everlark shippers, so Katniss is not going to run off with Gale or something. Katniss is very happy with Peeta. They have everything by having each other, but they aren't married. Yet. When will Peeta ask? How will she react when she suddenly gets an unexpected visit by Gale, who has ignored her for two years? Read and get the answers to these questions.


4. chapter 4

I didn't have any nightmares that night. That only happens once in a week, if I am lucky. I think the reason is that some nights, I feel especially safe and protected. Usually, I've been crying all afternoon and have gotten released by all my sorrows, and then it is easier to fall asleep. When I wake up, I realize that Peeta is still holding me. I suppose he was more tired than I thought. It feels nice to lie there with him, that I don't try and get up. It is already so late, that it won't be breakfast time anymore when we get up. Screw breakfast. That does definitely not belong to my priorities right now. It is almost 1 PM when my highest priority wakes up. He yawns and looks at me.

"Morning." he says with a sleepy voice. "How long have you been awake?" he says, yawning again.

"For about an hour. I didn't want to wake you up, so I stayed in bed. It was actually nice, just being lazy for once." I say with a smirk. He leans down to kiss me, and I kiss him back. The kiss is long and sweet, and I smell his smell everywhere, he is the only thing that exists now. I put my arms around his neck, and our breaths become louder. When we finally stop kissing, he leans down and rests his nose and forehead on mine.

"I love you, Katniss." he whispers. "More than anything." Then my heart starts to ache so much that my breaths get heavier. I want him to kiss me. I need him to kiss me. As if he was reading my thoughts, he leans down and gives me the best kiss that I've had in my life so far. It is deep and passionate, but also very sweet. It only gets better when it turns french. His tongue feels as smooth and soft as his lips, if not even more. I shiver when it fumbles in my mouth. I try to do the same for him, and when he shivers too, I know I have succeeded. I never want this kiss to end, and it wouldn't have in a while either if I wouldn't have started to feel sick. I broke away from the kiss even though all my nerves screamed in protest. I ran to the bathroom and reached the toilet just in time. Peeta had got up too, and he holds my hair back while I empty my stomach. When it stops, I go to the sink and clean my mouth. I turn to Peeta and let out a sigh.

"What was that?" he asks, a little bit worried.

"I don't know. Bet it's just some bug I've caught." I answer, lifting my hand to my forehead. It feels hot.

"Yeah, it must be." he says. "I mean, you can't be.. no, it's impossible."

"What?" I ask him, but I know what he is talking about.

"I mean, you can't be.. pregnant, can you? I thought it could have been morning sickness, but then I saw what time it was. I mean, there is no way you could be, we  haven't even.." he stops. This is one of the very rare moments when I have seen him speechless.

"No, you're right, I can't be pregnant. I even feel a little hot, so I bet I just have some stomach flu or something." I say, and he steps forward to place his hand on my forehead.

"Gosh, Katniss, you really do feel hot. Please, let me take you to the health center, so the doctor can give you some medicine and we can be absolutely sure that you are not pregnant." he says. I nod, and realize that I'm still not wearing anything else than my underwear. The same goes for Peeta. I blush a little, as I realize he is now seeing more of my body than he has ever seen before, and wonder what he is thinking of it. I push the thought away, and walk out the bathroom. Peeta stays in the bathroom to freshen up, because he doesn't want to bother me while I am dressing, despite how much he actually would want to. He knows that I would be very embarrassed, and that's why he always lets me take the first step. He will only make love to me if I take the initiative, or if things only lead to it. The same goes for seeing me naked. I decide to change my underwear, because they feel a little sweaty after the night. I dress in simple clothes and knock on the bathroom door. When nobody answers, I open it. When I step in, I see Peeta, standing there stiff and motionless. Oh, no, he's having a flashback. I rush up to him, and grab his arms.

"Peeta, don't leave! Stay with me!" I say to him with a loud voice. His blue eyes are filled with fear and terror as they stare at something I can't see.

"Always." he says with a low voice, I stay there for a few minutes, holding his arms tight, until he winks his eyes a few times, and the looks at me.

"Sorry, Katniss. I'll go and get dressed now." he says, giving me a quick kiss, while leaving the room. I start to feel a little bit dizzy, so I sit down. I look forward to getting my medicine.

*Two hours later*

It was just the stomach flu. I feel relieved, I am not ready for carrying a child. At least not yet. If me and Peeta ever get married, which I am pretty sure will happen, I might consider it. I know how much Peeta wants children. I remember never wanting children when I was a teenager. I was too afraid that the Games would take them away from me. But now, with no Games, I don't know what I want.

I'm lying on the couch with Peeta. He is asleep and has his head laid on my chest. I stroke his hair. When I start drawing shapes on his forehead, he wakes up.

"Oh, did I fall asleep? Why didn't you wake me up?" he asks, looking up at me.

"I like to watch you sleep, you look so sweet." I say, brushing away a curl of his blonde hair from his forehead.

"Doesn't everybody look sweet while sleeping?" he says, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, yeah, I guess, but you look particularly sweet." I say with a smile. He stands up on his arms so that he is at the same level as I am. He comes closer.

"Not as sweet as you." he says with a smile, and kisses me.

"What about going to the meadow? We haven't been there in a while." I say.

"Yeah, that sounds nice." he says and gives me a final kiss. We get up and Peeta goes upstairs to get something. Then we start walking towards the meadow. When we reach the fence, he opens it and we walk a bit towards the woods. Then, at some point, he stops. We look at the sunset. It's beautiful.

"Beautiful." Peeta says.

"Yeah, your favorite color." I say.

"No, I meant you. You are beautiful." he says. I look at him for a couple of seconds. Then, he slowly puts his hand in his pocket. He gets down on one knee.

"Katniss Everdeen. I've loved you for as long as I can remember. I remember what you were wearing the first time I saw you. I remember the first time I saw you smile. I remember the first time I heard your voice. I remember the first time I touched your skin. And I remember every single kiss that we shared. And now, it is my time to act on my love for you. My beloved Katniss, would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?" he says, opening the box. I gasp. The ring has the pearl he gave on the beach during the Quell attached to it. I suddenly realize what I must look like to Peeta, who has just proposed to me, standing there, speechless.

finally i say "yes."

His face lights up, and he gets up and swoops me up in the air. He kissed me, and slides the ring on my finger on my left hand.

"Yes. Yes Peeta." I say a bit louder, hoping that he will understand how much I want this. I put the pearl up to my face and touch it with my lips. It reminds me of his. He laughs and swoops me up again. I can't help but laugh too. I feel like the happiest woman in the world. I look up at my fiance. He places his forehead against mine.

"You want me too kiss you, real or not real?" he whispers. 

"Real." I reply, and the next thing I know his lips are crashing into mine. 

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