Our Love Will Remain- The stroy after Mockingjay

This story is originally written by: http://www.wattpad.com/user/hungergamesem
This story begins two years after the war and rebellion is over, and it is simply a story about Katniss' and Peeta's life together. In many other stories I've read, the Hunger Games return and continue to slaughter twenty-three children every year. That has not happened and is not going to happen in my story. This story is for Everlark shippers, so Katniss is not going to run off with Gale or something. Katniss is very happy with Peeta. They have everything by having each other, but they aren't married. Yet. When will Peeta ask? How will she react when she suddenly gets an unexpected visit by Gale, who has ignored her for two years? Read and get the answers to these questions.


3. chapter 3

"I missed you too Peeta. What did you buy in town?" I ask.

"Oh, just some flour and stuff, for the baking, you know." he says, a little too nonchalantly. I start to suspect that something's going on.

"What are you hiding from me?" I ask him, moving closer.

"Nothing, you can check the cupboards." he says with a smile. I feel that his hands are wandering back and forth over my back. I shiver with pleasure. I break the small distance we have to each other and start kissing him, first on the forehead, then on the nose, and finally, on the lips.

"No, I believe you." that's partly true. I don't think he's lied about shopping for baking supplies,but I also think that there was something else he purchased. I decide to leave it for now. If there is something he wants to keep a secret, he won't ever tell me.

"Are you hungry, honey?" Peeta asks me. It sends shivers down my spine when he calls me honey.

"Yeah, I guess. I haven't eaten in.." I check what time it is. ".. five hours. Was I really gone that long? Wow, time goes so fast sometimes."

"Yes, you were gone that long. I waited 1 hour for you to come home. It was the longest hour of my life." he says, getting up from the sofa. I climb off him, and we walk towards the kitchen hand in hand. Peeta makes me a lamb stew, that smells so good that I could just stand there smelling it for the rest of my life. Peeta lays the table and we sit down and eat. He asks me about my meeting with Gale, and I tell him briefly what he had said. When I come to the part that has to do with her, I start sobbing. I was able to hold it back in the woods because of Gale, and because I didn't have to talk about it out loud. It hurts too much. Peeta gets up from his chair and comes over to my side of the table. He hugs me tight and whispers soothing words.

"shh, Katniss, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked about it, sorry, shh, honey, shh..." I bury my face in his shirt, and it gets drenched by my tears in no time. He lifts me up and carries me up to our bedroom. He lays down on the bed with me in his arms while I continue with my sobbing. He pulls the sheet over us and strokes my hair. He doesn't say anything, he just lays there and strokes my hair. No words could calm me down now, and he knows it. We lay there a few hours, my sobs slowly turning into hiccups and then loud breathes. It is about 8 PM when Peeta breaks the silence.

"Would you like to go to sleep now, darling? You must be exhausted." he is right. I am. All that sobbing sucked all my energy out of me. But he must be exhausted too. Comforting can be very tiring sometimes, especially when the person you are trying to comfort doesn't stop crying.

"Yeah." I say. I'm so tired I can;t move a single muscle. He takes off his shirt and his pants, and finally does the same with me. We lay there in our underwear in each others arms and slowly drift off to sleep.  


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