Teen titans fanfiction

Teen titans fan fiction, my own idea not following on from a particular series.


2. Chapter 2


Aisling opened her eyes to find herself in an unfamiliar place, the room was a light baby blue, that contained a wardrobe, a ensuite and a circular bed. She found herself in the clothes that she wore the earlier but they were filthy and slightly torn. Aisling got out of the bed and headed towards the door, she felt the presents of someone walking by, she reached out a little further with her mind to find out that it was Raven. Slowly aisling opened the door and stepped out, walking straight into raven, my senses must be off a little bit aisling thought. She refused the idea of reading ravens mind, if she could resist it she wouldn't, it would be wrong.

'Um, where am i?' Aisling asked.

‘Titans headquarters’ she replied in her almost droll voice that always sound slightly sarcastic.

‘you brought me here?’ she questioned, never would she have believed them to be so nice and trustworthy.

‘It was beastboys idea...’ Raven trailed off, ‘um, I think Robin wanted to talk to you, if you are up to it?’

‘Uh, yeah. Where can I find him?’

‘I think he was training, last I heard, follow.’ Raven lead Aisling down the hall round to corners to a door that automatically opened for them. She gestured toward the room before walking off. Aisling’s head began to spin but she tried to ignore it as she entered the training room.

Loud clangs of metal hit each other as Robin was practicing his  techniques with his staff, he slid and jumped across the floor almost as if was lava, he immediately stopped when he heard the door shut and saw aisling standing there in awe. ‘Hey,’ Robin said ‘how are you feeling?’

‘much better, thank you very much. Thank you for you and the Titans for saving me,’ Aisling thought about how it was her old team who would save her, but even then she would always be helping through her powers. But this time it was a member of her team trying to destroy her.

‘Don't worry about it, its what we are here for.’ replied Robin with a wide grin on his face.

‘I can't believe you brought me here. I thought this be on like extreme lockdown for everyone.’

‘What's wrong, do we need to do a serious back up check on you?’ Robin joked, he didn't realise that he really should of. ‘We had a team vote and no one had any real objections, you seem trustworthy enough. However now I’m going to keep an eye out on you-’

‘Dude,’ the door opened as Beast boy came striding in, ‘have you seen Cy- you’re awake?’

‘Yes,’ Aisling awkwardly answered.

‘Thats great!’ Beat boy exclaimed as Robins titans communicator beeped in his pocket.

‘Its Aqualad, I should probably go take this in private’ Robin walked out of the training room leaving Beastboy and Aisling alone together. Aisling looked at beast boy, and truly looked at someone for the first time without using her powers, she noticed his messy green hair and his big deep eyes that kept catching her attention.  But most of all the way he smile made her heart melt and get butterflies in her tummy. This had never happened before, even to Aisling’s old team she never truly let her guard down but to Beast boy she wanted to blurt out her biggest darkest secrets to him, without feeling judge.

‘I was wondering...’ Beast boy started but then trailed off.

‘Yes?’ Aisling curiously egged on.

‘Um, nevermind.’ Beast boy started to walk away but then turned back at the last moment ‘I was wondering if you wanted to get some food at some point’ Beastboy knew it sounded stupid, he had thought through every possibility before he even knew she was awake. But he relaxed when she replied with a yes.

‘One thing though’ Aisling added, ‘obviously this probably doesn't affect you, but can we go somewhere where they serve tofu. Im a vegetarian.’

Beast boy's lips turned into a large grin as they made plans for later that night. Robin returned back into the training room. ‘Huge problem.’ Robin alerted, ‘Aqualad needs us, the villain that named himself Megaman is back, but under the sea and he has friends. Aisling, are you alright if you stay here, we will be back as soon as we can.’

‘May I join you? I would like to help.’ Aisling politely inquired.

‘No offense, but I’m not sure you can.’ Robin replied.

‘Well Megaman is after me you know so, I would like to help...’

‘Dude, come on , whats the worse that can happen’ Beast boy added.

‘Fine, just this time though. If anything goes wrong, we are sending you straight back to the tower.’

‘Fair enough, and after all I might be more help than you might think’

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