Teen titans fanfiction

Teen titans fan fiction, my own idea not following on from a particular series.


1. Chapter 1


The agonizing pain, piercing through Aisling’s brain, she couldn't control it any longer. The more she attempted to block it out the more escaped and into her. it was suppressing her, unable to breath anymore she mentally screamed out, heard by all within the city. It grabbed her and she met her death with gratitude...



'What was that?' The leader of the Teen Titans ask as he let go of his ears.

'Dude, seriously not cool' the second member of the Titans replied.

'You heard the sound too?' Asked another member of the team.

The alarm sounded the room flashing red, 'Titans go!' Shouted the leader.


Starfire flew round the scene analyzing every aspect, it was not someone that she had come across before, a new criminal. The criminal was large and muscular, veins popping out of his forehead and arms. A stern look on his face but enjoyment in his eyes as he tortured a girl that was hanging limp in his arms.

'Robin' Starfire shouted at the Titans leader, 'he has a hostage!' Robin nodded in reply and shouted out to the rest of the team commands.

'Cyborg, Star, distract him, pull his attention away from the girl. Raven help me pull him down, and beast boy,' Robin turned to the last titan, 'get ready to change and catch.'

'Dude, I'm totally on that' reply the green boy that went by the name of Beast boy.

'Titans GO!' Robin shouted, they all burst into action. Cyborg converted his robotic arm into a laser and started blasting it at the left side of the villain, with the help of Starfires bolts to distract his attention. Raven muttered Azarath Metrion Zinthos, using her telekinesis to move the pipes that were underneath the ground and wrapped them round his legs, Robin at her side fighting of the objects he threw at Robin to maintain her concentration. It was working; the villain was becoming unbalanced and began to topple, Beast boy saw his moment he changed into a leopard, speeding towards the man that held the girl captive, he skidded along the floor to and transformed into a green elephant and lied across the floor ready for the girl to fall to stop her crashing on the ground. The only issue was that his grip wasn't loosening only tightening as if holding onto her like a grip.


The voice was inside their heads, like the scream was earlier, beast boy was astonished looking round for the possibility of the source. The villain heard it too and stumbled even more dropping the girl from a great height as while the Titans were distracted the villain had a chance to increase in size without anyone noticing. The girl screamed as she fell, beast boy jumped up and changed into a hawk and caught her just in time with his talons before she hit the floor. He carried on flying as the titans finished of defeating the villain, who was slowly shrinking back to a normal size. Beast boy flew back round to the scene just in time for the villain to crash onto the floor, exhausted and defeated.

'Yay, we are victorious!' Starfire cheered in delight.

Beast boy laid the girl on the floor next to the titans and changed into his usual form. The girl looked unconscious but she stirred and managed to hold herself up by her elbows. The villain shouted from his cage that raven made out of pipes 'I'll get you for this you'll pay for what you have done,' as he said this he was staring directly at the girl.'this isn't the last you'll hear of Megaman!'

The girl looked startled, unprepared at Megaman’s presence. Beastboy saw the girl while everyone stared on at Megaman confused by his words. He bent down on his knees, looked straight in to her eyes and ask 'are you okay?' The girls body language never changed, but her eyes soften as she said 'yeah, I'm fine.' With the help of Beast boy and Robin she was pulled to her feet, she wobbled a little but managed to stay up.

'I'm Robin,' he introduced, 'this is Beast boy,' he gestured to the green boy who rescued her. 'Im Starfire' a girl spoke up who had pink hair but looked beautiful, and curved in all the right places. Starfire went straight in for a hug, as if she was already good friends with the girl. 'This is Raven,' continued Robin as Starfire released the girl 'and Cyborg.' Raven was a dark mysterious girl who wore a dark navy blue cloak that hid the majority of her body, she did not speak but watched the girls move as if trying to see inside of the girl, and to see whether to trust her.

'Hey,' said Cyborg, he was half robot, half human, it was most peculiar to the girl but she adjusted quickly. The robot-man that went by the name Cyborg was dark skin but the majority was blue technology of light, chips and metal.

But the girl already knew everything about them in that split second of being introduced.  'Whats your name?' Robin asked, he acted very kind and caring and had a boyish charm about his look, or maybe it was the mystery of the mask that he wore that covered his eyes.

Carefully the girl replied 'Aisling' keeping her voice light yet emotionless, like she had been trained to do since she was little. But she was not fine, like she said she was, she couldn't handle what happened and her mind was still not at ease as everyone's thoughts and emotions were flooding into her brain, Starfire's overwhelming happiness, raven's untrusting thoughts, robin's interest, Cyborgs thoughts of earlier events and beast boys concern. 'Urm, guys, she doesn't look to good,' Beast boy was right, Aisling collapsed to the floor with a thud. All was black for her, and finally everything was silent, she couldn't hear a single thought or feeling. For Aisling to be in the darkness felt like bliss.

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