5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


11. Zayn for Lex mybabeniall20

You and Zayn were taking a walk along the pier as the sun was setting. You've always wanted to watch a sunset happen ever since you were little. Of course being your amazing boyfriend, he decided to take you to see one. "Zayn. I can't thank you enough for taking me to see this. Honestly. Your the best!" You say to him. "Babe. Your more beautiful than this." He said looking into your hazel eyes. That comment made you blush. "By the way. No need to thank me. I know you've always wanted to do this so. I thought what the hell. Why not?" He said. "Well Zayn I love it" you said. "But I love you more." He said giving you a long passionate kiss. Your brown hair with red tips glistens in the sunlight. You get so lost in the sun set that you didn't even notice Zayn on one knee. "Lex. I've loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. I always knew you were the one. The only one. I knew you'd always be there for me. And I love you more than anything in the world. What asking is. Will you be Mrs. Malik?" He asked. Tears filled your eyes "Yes. Yes a thousand times yes!!" You said. Then shared a kiss in the sunset.

Hey Lex!!! Hope you enjoyed. 2 more!!! Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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