5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


21. Slipped Away ( I miss you ) Avril Lavigne song preference

( 5SOS preference ) His P. O. V

Ashton- I miss you, miss you so bad. I don't forget you. Oh it's so sad.

Why did she have to go to the military? I know she's American and all, but why did she have to die? Stupid enemies. I wish she was here in my arms. Not 6ft under. Y/N if you can hear me I miss you so much. I'll never forget you.

Michael-I hope you can hear me. I remember it clearly

Y/Ns in a coma, it was caused by a car crash with her and her best friend. I remember it all like it was just a few minutes ago. But it wasn't. It was 3 weeks ago. 3 damn weeks ago, and I miss her. I miss her smile her laugh. The last thing I wanna see before I die is Y/N.

Calum- I didn't get around to kiss you, goodbye on the hand. I wish that I could see you again, I know that I can't.

My baby. My everything. Is gone. She died. Our house caught on fire while I was on tour and she got stuck and was burned bad. The doctor said she wouldn't make it he was right. Now I have no idea what to do now. If I don't have Y/N, my life would be a mess. And now that's what's going on.

Luke-Ive had my wake up won't you wake up I keep asking why.

I just woken up from a coma. I looked around and the boys are staring at me. "What's wrong? Where's Y/N?!" "Luke, Y/Ns..... Dead." "No Ashton. You don't mean that! How why? Why couldn't have been me?!!" "Luke. Calm down. You'll see her again. She's in a better place now." Calum told me. "She's. Gone. I can't bring her back." I said.

Hey my beautiful penguins!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! A One Direction preference is gonna be up soon!!! Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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