5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


24. Niall for Cat ziall101

Niall decided to take you to the beach on his day off. His accent was very very strong that day and you found it very attractive. "Cat. What are you doing?" Niall asked giggling as to were trying to surf but failed miserably. "Trying to catch the magic gummy bears. You?" "Watching you fail." "Shut up." You laughed. While Niall ( I made it rhyme. I'm being so rhymey today ) Tried helping you, he couldn't help but stare at your rocking body. "Babe. You look so perfect standing there in your bikini" Niall said as he sang to the tune of She Looks So Perfect By: 5SOS. You just blushed. He still was trying to help you, but he kept failing. "Babe. This isn't working out!! Let's just walk instead." You say. He just nodded and you guys intertwined fingers and walked along the beach. The sun was setting. "Ni. This is so beautiful. Don't you think?" "Ya. But. It's not as beautiful as you." Niall said. He's so cheesey. You thought.

You guys kissed. It was the most best kiss in the world. "I love you Cat." "I love you to Niall" and you guys kissed again.

Hey Cat!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! Comment if you want an imagine!!!! Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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