5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


18. Michael for Kat Michaels Kitten

You were getting ready for your first date with Michael. Yes. The Michael Clifford from 5SOS. You met in StarBucks. Yes. Starbucks. Anyway you're brushing out your long brown hair. And you start doing a winged eyeliner and a little bit of pink eyeshadow to make your green eyes pop. You put on your hipster glasses and your little black dress ( See what I did there 😏 ) Nad you head downstairs. Just as you put on your red flats the door bell rings. "Hey Mikey!" "Kat!" You guys share a hug and go out to the car and go to the restaurant. "Mikey. I said nothing fancy" "Well. To bad." Man. Mikey is such a gentleman. You thought. "My lady" he says as he enters the restaurant. He pulls your chair out for you. And you guys start talking about anything. You eat while you talk. You finish and head out to the car. Mikey starts driving to a beach. "Wow Mikey. This is beautiful." "But not as beautiful as you look tonight" you blushed at the comment. You guys get out and look into the moonlight. Mikey looks at you and you look at him. You stare into his bright green eyes while he looks at your green ones. And you kiss. Sparks flew. "Mikey. That was an amazing first kiss" You say as he drops you off at your door step. "Same here Kat. Same here. I got to go. I'll catch you later babe" he says as he kisses you one last time then leaving. You couldn't sleep that night therefore you were excited that you had your first kiss.

Hey Kat!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! Comment if you want an imagine. Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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