5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


10. Luke for Jadey-Taei1996

You were hanging out with the 5SOS lads. Why? You had no clue. You were close with all of them. Especially Luke. You love Luke. But you don't know if he feels the same. Your very worried that you'll ruin your friend ship if you say anything. "Guyssss!!! I'm so bored!!!" Calum says. "Why don't we spill secrets" Ashton suggests. "Uh. Don't you think that's you know.... A girlie thing?" You say. "Well. We have a feminism side. So. Spill who your crush is" Michael says. You just say Harry Styles. And Luke tenses. Michael says Camilla Cabelo ( Is that how you spell it? ) Ashton says Jade Thrilwall and Calum says Jennifer Lawrence. When they get to Luke, he just sits there "Lukey. You ok?" "No Jadey I'm not ok!" "Dude. All I asked is-" "Jadey I love you!" Luke says. Your shocked. "WHA-What?" "I said. I. Love. You." He says. That's it. You couldn't take it. You just smashed your lips to his. "I love you Jadey." "I love you to Lukey" "Oi!!! No no no get a room!!" Ashton says. You both mumble a sorry.

Hey Jadey!!! I hope you enjoyed!!! I had to rewrite it. But that's ok. I want all my penguins to enjoy and see their imagines!!! If you have Wattpad, make sure you follow me @1Dgirl_5SOSgirl. Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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