5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


13. Luke for Faith BubblezLuvzYou

You and Luke were sitting around one day when Luke brought up the topic of kids. "Faithie. ( Ya. I'm giving my Bestfriend a nickname. Happy early Birthday? ) What would it be like to have kids?" He asks "I honestly don't know." You say as you walk by a family with 2 kids. What he doesn't know is that your pregnant. "I mean really. I wanna have kids. Get married. Start a family. With you." He said. "Lukey.... I need to tell you something" you say "Ya?" Luke asks "I'm pregnant" you say. The biggest smile forms on his face. It's the biggest smile ever. "REALLY?! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!" He screams. Earning weird looks from strangers. "MY GIRLFRIEND IS GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!!" He screams at the top of his lungs. You just facepalmed "Luke. I can't believe I'm dating an idiot like you" "Well. If you love me. Then that makes you an idiot to." "Well then I'm proud to be an idiot"

Hey Faith!!! Hope you enjoyed!!! That was the last one for now!!! Love yousxxxx-Bree

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