5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


22. Luke for Camille Mahomie Directioner

You were at home with your brother Luke. Yes. The Luke from 5SOS. He was so sweet. He was so kind. You were waiting for him to get done in the bathroom. Tomorrow was your guys first day of going back to school from spring break. "Lukey are you almost done?!" "Yes Cammy." Luke said. ( Ya. Givin you a nickname. Merry Easter ) You waited. Then it was your turn. The next morning, you got on your skateboard and rode to school. By the doors of course, were the sluts of the school A. K. A The 'Popular' Crowd. Great. Just great. You thought.

"Hey look. It's Camille. Wait. That's not her name. It's slut faced bitch" Jasmine said. Jasmine was the leader of the popular girls. Her friends Jayden and Mackenzie just laughed. Wow. Just wow. You thought. "I'd love to stay and chat but you guys are total bitches." You say pushing up your glasses and flicking back a piece of your wavy brown hair. What Luke doesn't know, is that Jasmines ex boyfriends, current boyfriend, Jayden's boyfriend, Mackenzie's boyfriend, and a lot of the jocks bully you. Even though you're just 14, you can be a total badass, you like to try new things, and your very friendly. That's a lot of things people don't see in 14 year olds these days. You were walking around the playground outside when the populars started to walk towards you. Oh great. My life just got better. You thought. "Jasmine. You owe me 20 bucks. You said that fatass wouldn't last a week." Josh ( Jayden's boyfriend ) said. Jasmine gave him 20 bucks. They started to call you names. Josh push you down and started beating you. "Get. The. Hell. Off. My. Baby. Sister. You. Twat" It was Luke. "What are you gonna-" Luke cut Josh off by punching him and knocking him out. "If I ever see this again, your gonna eat fried ass" Luke said. "Cammy. Are you ok?" "Ya. I'm fine. Thanks Luke."Anytime baby sis. Anytime."

Hey Camille!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!! 1 more after this!!!! Comment if you want an imagine!!!! Love yousxxxxxx-Bree

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