5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


5. Louis for Cat Ziall101

You and Louis were sleeping. Well. You were except for Louis. He decided it would be funny to prank you. "Caaatttt!!!" He yells you get up "What?" "I need you for a second" "Ugh. Ok" So you get up from your comfy bed and walk sleepily down the hall when he jumps out from the bathroom in a clown mask "BOO!!" He yells and you scream bloody murder. "LOUIS!!! WHAT THE FUCK??!!" You yell upset "Morning babe. Just thought I'd wake you up." He says cheekily. Typical Louis. You thought. That night. You decided to prank him. But. Being the short one you are you had to go spider monkey mode to get your supplies. You were gonna dye his hair. Pink. And Louis hates the color pink. But. It's temporary and will wash out. While he was sleeping. You dyed his hair. Put back the supplies and went to 'sleep' but. You couldn't sleep very well. Cause you were excited about what his reaction would be. The next morning. You got up and made breakfast when he came down. You slapped your hand over your mouth in 'horror' "LOUIS. WILLIAM. TOMLINSON. WHAT. THE. FUCK. DID. YOU. DO. TO. YOUR. HAIR?!" You yell. "What do you- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" He screams. Your just watching in 'horror' "ITS PINK!!! MY HAIR IS FUCKING PINK!!!" By that time. You couldn't control your laughter. So. You let it out. "CAT!!!!!" He said in a demon voice "IM GONNA GET YOU!!!" He pranked you. And you pranked him. "Babe. This pranking thing is getting old." He says. You agree "Ya. Truce?" "Truce"

There ya go Cat!!! More coming!!! Love yousxxx-Bree

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