5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


14. Ashton for Jean Jeaniebeanie

Ashton Irwin. Yes. The Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer is your best friend. You've known him since primary school. He's so sweet and kind you just can't stand it!! You've liked him for a while now, but you have no idea how to tell him. Your scared he'll not like you back. You decided to not to get your panties in a bunch and tell him tonight. Tonight, he invited you over for a movie night. You and Ashton always did this when you haven't seen eachother for a really long time. So, of course. You agreed. "Jeanie!!!" ( Ya. I'm giving you a nickname. Merry late Christmas? ) "Ashy!!" Ya. You guys had nicknames for eachother. You even called eachothers parents mom and dad. Why? Because your parents worked together. That's how you met. Partially anyway. "What movies do ya wanna watch?" He asked. Your heart fluttered. You loved him so much. "How about..... Frozen?" You said. "Ok. I love that movie." He said. Toward the end of the movie when Anna and the guys kissed, Ashton looked at you and kissed you. You immediately kissed him back. It was amazing. Sparks went off. "Jean. I'm so sorry I-" you cut him off by kissing him. "I love you Ashy" "I love you Jeanie. More than you'll ever know" ( Wow that was cheesey ) And you sealed the deal with a kiss.

Hi Jeanie!!! Hoped you enjoyed it!!!! Comment if you want an imagine. Love yousxxxxx. P. S. When I give you a nickname, it's not to offend you, it just makes the story better. Once again. Love yousxxxxxx-Bree

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