5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences

Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.


4. Ashton for Alex MajikTiger

"DAMN ALEX YOUR SO DAMN CLINGY!!" Your boyfriend Ashton yelled at you. He's been gonna for 6 months and all you wanted to do was cuddle. Watch movies. Spend time together. But no. You come off as clingy. " YOUVE BEEN GONE FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS AND I JIST WANNA SPEND TIME WITH YOU!! BUT NO I COME OFF AS SO DAMN CLINGY!!" You yell back in defense. "ALEX. IM TIRED. I CANT TEND TO YOUR NEEDS 24/7 I NEED ME TIME!!! IVE BEEN TRAPPED IN THAT DA-" you cut him off "SURE YOU HAVE!!! WHY DO EXPLAIN GOING TO RESTAURANTS TAKING WALKS IN THE PARK ALONE AND ALL THAT?! HUH?! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN IT?!" You yell back. His face softened. "Babe... I'm sorry. I'm just stressed. Please forgive me?" He asked giving you the famous Ashton puppy dog eyes. "Oh alright. Come here you giant teddy bear" Then you cuddled and watched movies the rest of the night.

Hey Alex!!! Hope you enjoyed. Love yousxxxx-Bree

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