my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


9. 9

I ran my fingers through my hair. I was fumed. I waited a few minutes before going back downstairs

I walked downstairs and they were all staring at me

"you alright babe? you were up there for a while" Selena said

"yea" I faked smiled

Megan looked at me weird like she knew something was wrong

"what's wrong?" she mouthed to me

"I'll tell you later" I mouthed back & she just nodded her head and continued eating

Austin's POV

After Justin called me I was pissed. who does he think he is? he acts like he knows MY girlfriend better than I do.

I will admit, I was in the wrong for blowing Megan off yesterday & today.. but I just need to focus on my career right now. 

Camila was very understanding about it, I talked to her yesterday about the whole thing with Megan after Megan & Justin were blowing my phone up while I was in rehearsal and she just told me that she was going to be here for me. Ever since yesterday, we've become really close. 

Last night I stayed later at rehearsals with Camila mostly because I figured Megan saw the picture of us from Monday & I knew she would confront me about it. The truth is, I didn't have a good explanation for it

I was going to the bathroom to take a quick shower so as I was walking there I took my shirt off & Camila grabbed me really quick to take a selfie for snapchat. I thought nothing about it.. Until she posted it on twitter, and I didn't even realize she kissed my cheek. I was in such a rush to take a shower & get back to facetime to even notice.

Camila and I had a heart to heart talk last night.. finding out we had a lot more in common than just being young singers. It felt good to open up to someone who could relate to what I'm going through

Megan & I were always really open with each other, we still are.. but it's just hard because she doesn't really understand what I'm going through... Tomorrow, I'm going to make it right with her

Megan's POV

When Justin came down the stairs, I knew something was wrong instantly.

He told me he would talk to me about it later. I figured it had something to do with Austin

Speaking of Austin.... he hasn't called me for dinner? I know I'm eating now, but come on. I'm Italian, I could eat all day :)

I hope I can at least see Austin tomorrow.... I miss him

I know how important his career is to him & this is exactly why I broke up with him last time because I wanted him to live his dream to the fullest.  I don't want him to have to choose between his career & me. 

I'm put in an awkward spot. 1. I want him to accomplish all of his dreams and so much more & I want to support him. 2. I want to be with him and do things couples do, but it's hard

Honestly, If I knew how it was going to balance out like this... I wouldn't have said yes


Justin & I said bye to Selena & Fredo

We walked to the living room & he turned on the tv

"so, what was wrong earlier?" I broke the silence

"your boyfriend's a dick" he laughed

"how? you talked to him?"

"yea. I told him he needs to get some balls & get his priorities straight. he said he was gonna come by later, but I doubt that since it's now 11 & you're leaving tomorrow. I'm so sorry... I probably should have talked to you first about calling him, but I just can't sit around and pretend I'm okay with guys mis treating girls"

I smiled really big "thank you, Justin" I hugged him

"so, next weekend.. are you coming out here again, or is he going to Ohio?"

"ummmm.. I honestly have no idea. he's supposed to tell me his schedule & like where he'll be. I'm probably gonna fly out to where ever he is. I don't  know though"


"so while I'm still in LA, my brothers told me I have to try this one ice cream shop... They said it's the best they ever had"

"let's go! I know which one their talking about.. it's like 15 minutes away"

He grabbed his keys & we got in the car

As were were driving I was admiring all the lights everywhere. LA was so beautiful, night & day

We walked into the ice cream shop & got our ice cream

As we were leaving, I guess word got out Justin Bieber was there. 

There were paps & fans 

As we were walking out, Justin whispered in my ear

"I'm gonna take some pictures & talk to the fans with you.. just don't talk to the paps"

I nodded my head and we walked out

I wasn't scared about getting hurt.. I just didn't wanna drop my damn ice cream

Justin started taking pictures with fans & I felt so awkward

"here, I can take this for you!" I said as I took the girls phone and took a picture of her and Justin

I loved the relationship he had with his Beliebers

I took a few more pictures of Justin and his fans then the paps started up

"I thought you were dating Austin? are you cheating on him?"

"Justin you couldn't have found a prettier girl to go out with?"

"are you guys dating?"

"fucking asshole go back to Canada"

A few fans started fighting with the paps & Justin tried to hold them back 

Unfortunately some asshole made me drop my ice cream cone >:(

It was like heaven in my mouuuttthhh


We got back to Justin's & we both went on twitter

He replied to fans 

"Meg, look at this!"

It was a selfie of Justin, Me and a girl & Me and Justin were licking our ice cream cones ahahahah

"MEGG, LOOK" he was laughing hysterically 

It was a picture of me looking down at my ice cream cone that someone made me drop & My face looks so upset that you'd think my dog died or something 

It was a priceless picture


Justin & I woke up around 8 and he helped me start packing

Once we finished I realized I packed all my clean clothes, so now I'm stuck in my pajamas

Justin laughed at me & walked away

He came back with a pair of basketball shorts and a tshirt

"here, you can wear this... I can't help you with the underwear & bra part" he started laughing

I playfully smacked his arm "shut up, thank youuu" I started walking to the bathroom

"you can leave your clothes in there and I can have them washed so when you come over next time they'll be here" he yelled 

"and what makes you think I'm coming back" I laughed

I finished changing & when I came out of the bathroom, Scooter was talking to Justin in the dining room

"hey Scooter" I said
"Hi Meg, I heard you're going back today"

"yep" I said popping the p

"what time is your flight?"

"1, so I have to be at the airport in about 2 hours"

"you taking her?" Scooter looked at Justin

"yea. We are going to Starbucks now, if you wanna join us Scooty tooty"

"sure. then we can get her input on this album"


We got to Starbucks and ordered out drinks then sat down

"yanno, Scooter.. Justin literally never lets me pay for anything when I'm with him"

Scooter laughed at me "the guy is supposed to pay"

"but I have my own money and I feel bad!"


"Scooter, I'll see you later. I'm gonna take Meg to the airport"

"bye Scooter, It was nice seeing you" he hugged me

Scooter had all 3  of us take a seflie

@scooterbraun: great kids. so proud of @justinbieber for all he's accomplished and is continuing to accomplish & @meganwilliams for being so supportive. Great morning at Starbucks :) 


We got to the airport & Justin waited with me till they called my flight. I called Austin this morning, but he didn't answer.. I was really upset he didn't even make a little time for me this weekend... maybe he wasn't as serious as I thought when he said he wanted to make this work..

They called my flight & I still hadn't seen Austin

I hugged Justin really tight & thanked him for everything

I tweeted @meganwilliams: saying goodbye to your best friend is one of the hardest things ever

I got on the plane.. bye bye LA


When I got home I checked twitter... hoping Austin tweeted me ,, but no

Justin favorited & retweeted my tweet from earlier. He even tweeted

@justinbieber: I miss my best friend already.


I walked in my house & even though I've only been gone 2 nights, it felt like forever

I hugged my parents and we sat in the living room to talk about my trip.. I was hoping they wouldn't  ask about Austin.. but it was the first thing that come out of their mouth

"so how was it! did you and Austin have fun?" my mom asked

"it was great! and uhm, Austin had to work on a lot at the studio & stuff.. so I didn't see him"

"you didn't see him at all? then what did you do?!"

"no I didn't.. and I hung out with Justin the whole time, and I saw Scooter, Selena, Alfredo & other people and we saw his fans and just hung out. it was so much fun"

"well that's good. I'm glad you have Justin in your life" My mom said & I couldn't help but smile

"thank you mom. I'm glad I do too"

"but that does explain a lot" My dad said


"Go look in the kitchen"

I walked in the kitchen and on the table was a huge vase filled with red roses & there was a card next to it

I opened the card & it said


I'm so sorry from how this weekend turned out. If I could change it I would. I promise to make it up to you next weekend, I should have gotten my priorities straight. You mean so much to me and I never should have put you in the spot I did this weekend. I hope you can forgive me. I love you.


I took a picture of me smelling the roses & posted it on twitter with the emoji of a red rose

That was so sweet of him. but he is crazy if he thinks that I'm just gonna forgive him just like that

text from Justin Bieber:

did Austin send you those?

to Justin Bieber:

yes & a card apologizing

from Justin Bieber:

good! glad you got home safe. I miss my best friend though

to Justin Bieber

oh my gosh. I miss you too, it's crazy. But you know what my mom said? So when I got home my parents asked me about my trip and stuff and like what I did & when I was telling them how I spent my time with you because of Austin's schedule and stuff, my mom was like "I'm so glad you have Justin in your life" :)

from Justin Bieber:

I love your mom:)


Justin screenshotted the conversation and blurred out most of the text except the part where it says

my mom was like "I'm so glad you have Justin in your life" :)

and he said

@justinbieber: the little things :) (picture attached)

I retweeted it

I was scrolling down my feed when I saw a text message pop up on my screen. It was from Austin

I immediately clicked it and the text read

from Austin Mahone: who sent you the flowers?

to Austin Mahone: um, the card said you did?

if he  didn't send it... who did?




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