my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


8. 8

I was so confused & hurt

1. why didn't he have a shirt on? he had one on when he was on facetime

2. why was she kissing his cheek?

3. why didn't he even mention she was there?

I've never been the type of girl to jump to conclusions. Every time I've been in a relationship, I've trusted the guy 100%. I trust them until they give me a reason not to, and if I have a reason not, I would dump their ass in a heartbeat.

I know how bad the picture looked, but I'm not going to make conclusions until I talk to Austin.  I'm going to ask him about it when I'm with him this weekend. That way he has to answer when I ask. He can't hang up or not respond. So until I talk to Austin... I'm not going to think about that picture


*skip to arriving in LA on Friday at 5pm*

Although Justin has fans screaming his name constantly & paps trying to get his attention all the time. He's still human & he wants to TRY to be as normal as possible.. like insisting to pick me up from the airport

Justin's POV

I'm on my way to pick Megan up from the airport since Austin is at rehearsals. I was so excited to see her, It's been a little over a week, but it felt like forever. I don't know honestly, there's just something about our friendship that I can't explain. 

It's weird because when I hangout with new people, it doesn't really last long. Either they get fed up with all the publicity and rumors, or they just disappear out of my life. That's why it's so hard for me to make new friends with the fact I can barely trust anyone because I'm paranoid that they'll get the information they want & use it against me. It's my fault actually, because I usually have a feeling when I meet them, what their true personality is. Megan's not like that

I got to the airport & I told her I would be in the back, so in case the paps showed up, we could escape fast

I saw her looking for me.. I was wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sweatshirt.. so she probably didn't recognize me from a distance

"MEG" I called her

she instantly looked toward me and her face lit up

She ran toward me dropping her bags on the way

She wrapped her arms around my neck & I squeezed my arms around her waist. 

"I missed you" she said in my ear

"I missed you too" 

We let go & grabbed the bags she dropped

We got in the car & decided we would go for a bite to eat

We went to Wendy's & decided to eat in there

"hey remember when you got a frosty from wendy's & told burger king it wasn't good?" she was laughing so hard I could barely understand what she was saying... but I caught on and laughed

Honestly we probably looked like idiots with how hard we were laughing.. she was laughing at that & I was laughing at her laugh because it's so contagious


After Wendy's I called Austin to see where to meet up 

"hey, you still rehearsing? yeah, mhmm, yeah, okay, yeah, that's fine. alright bro. see you later"

"was that Austin?" Megan asked

"yeah.. he said they are working extra tonight since someone was late coming in.. we're going to my house then he's gonna meet us there"

I could tell she was a little let down from not seeing him.. like she came all this way to be with him & he isn't even here to spend time with her. I'm not gonna get involved or anything. But if that was me and Selena, you best believe I'm putting my girl first.

"okay, that sounds good. but can you drop me off at the hotel so I can put my bags down or something?"

"you were gonna stay at a hotel? Meg, you can just stay at my place"

"are you sure? I'll feel bad"

"I promise it's fine"

We got to my house & I could tell something was off with Megan.. although I feel like she won't tell me at first, I thought I would try

She was in my living room trying to figure out how to work the TV cuz mine has a lot of buttons, settings, and weird stuff.. I don't even know how to work it lol

I brought 2 chocolate milkshakes and put them on the table

She gave up on the tv and let out a sigh falling back on the couch

"what's wrong?" I asked handing her a milkshake

"nothing" she replied a little to quickly

"Megan.. come on. you can talk to me"

"uh... okay.. but promise you won't say anything" 

"pinky promise" we did the pinky promise thing

"okay.. so I know I might be over reacting & stuff. but I haven't let this bother me all week because I wanted to talk to Austin about it before I made up my mind how I feel. So on Monday when I facetimed you guys... when he said he had to go to the bathroom, he walked away. but in those few minutes he took his shirt off to take a picture with the camila girl from fifth harmony? and he was shirtless and she was hugging his waist and kissing his cheek. He didn't say goodbye to me that night and I had no idea she was even there & he's been acting weird all week. I only knew because she tweeted the picture then he retweeted it. Like I know I shouldn't even talk about it before I talk to him.. but like it got me upset. Usually in relationships I'm just 100% on how I feel. Like I won't bring up things that I know will upset the person I'm dating & I'm dreading bringing this up to Austin because I don't want him to think I don't trust him when I do. And I don't wanna get in a fight with him because everything is just going so good and like I don't know... I'm just overthinking everything & It's been hard to talk to my friends about anything lately because I'm just scared they'll tell the media or something & I don't wanna do that to you or Austin. Like I just feel so alone and only seeing him on weekends sucks ass... like he's not even fucking here right now and I don't know.. it's just one of those times where you just need a hug"

tears were streaming down her face. I had no idea what to say... I didn't even know that was going on with Austin & Camila, like yea, she was with me and Austin.. but I didn't know about the picture or how he didn't even tell her Camila was over? the fuck. I honestly felt terrible for Megan because of everything she's going through on top of this. She gets hate from people constantly & she basically had to get rid of the normalcy. I get hate tooo.. but I'm used to it. She doesn't deserve the negative things people say at all. I felt terrible because I know how it feels to feel like you have no one & no where to turn. I didn't have any words to say, so all I did was hug her for a long time.. I rubbed her back

"everything's gonna be alright" I  started singing

A few moments later she pulled back

"I feel like such an idiot" she laughed wiping away her tears

"don't.  I know how some of that feels like. but I promise you this. You will never be alone, okay? I will be there for you 100%. through everything. even if it's 3 am or whatever... you need me? I'm there. You can call.. text.. tweet anything. even if you need me to fly out to you, I will in a heartbeat. I feel terrible for everything you're going through on top of this and I really do wish I could take it all away. You're my best friend. okay? I'll be there for you no matter what."

A huge smiled showed up on her face

"that means more to me than you'll ever know. And the same goes for you"

I pulled her in for another hug

My phone beeped. I was hoping it was Austin so he could get his ass here to make things right with her.. but it was Selena

"Meg, Selena wants to see you tomorrow"

"omg yess! I miss her so much" she started jumping and I laughed at her


About 20 minutes later Megan & I both haven't heard from Austin, We've both called & texted him.... but he didn't answer... he''s hours late..

So we decided to make cookies

I felt terrible for her.. all she wanted was her boyfriend

We were in my kitchen getting all the ingredients.. 

She set up her phone to the speaker and it started playing

We were dancing as we were mixing the dough.. it was the best

I set up my timer camera & both of us had a mixing bowl in our hands and we made a funny face

@justinbieber: WHO WANTS COOKIES?! bakers jb & mw at your service (;

Then Megan made an instagram video of us dancing while mixing and we looked  like idiots.. but hey it was funny we were laughing and having a great time.. she even threw some flour in my face

@meganwilliams: nothing compares to the best memories you make with your best friend. <3 @justinbieber but who wants some cookies?! :)


After the cookies came out of the oven Meg got some milk and we sat on the couch and ate them all. 

It's almost 11 & We still haven't heard from Austin. what the hell?

"can we watch a movie?" she broke the silence

"suuuuurreeeee, go pick one out"

About half way into the movie Megan's phone lit up... Austin tweeted

@AustinMahone: long but successful day at rehearsals! exhausted!!!! so ready for bed! goooodnighhht!! :)

I could tell by her face how hurt she was.. he hadn't even bothered to call.. I could only imagine if she was at the hotel right now.. she's be balling her eyes out

I went on Instagram about to take a picture, but right when I clicked the app, the first person on my feed was Austin. It was a picture of him with Fifth Harmony and about 10 other dancers at the dance studio. Camila was hugging him 

"Meg, take a selfie with me" right when I said that she made the most hilarious face in the world she made it look like she had like 5 chins while she stuck her tongue out and crossed her eyes & I was laughing in the picture... it was priceless

@justinbieber: ":Meg let's take a selfie" and she does this lmao how can you not love her


Megan & I both woke up on the couch to someone banging on the door, I don't even remember falling asleep last night

I looked at the clock. it's already noon? damn I guess we were tired

I opened the door to see Scooter with an angry face

"damn Scooter, you have a key why the hell are you knocking?"

"It's a wake up call. do you not know how to answer your phone? and sorry I don't carry your key with me every where I go" who the hell pissed in his cereal his morning?

"I was sleeping! and can you lower your voice please? Megan is still sleeping. what do you want?"

"Megan's here? why?"

"She came to LA to be with Austin and she was gonna get a hotel, but when I picked her up from the airport I told her she can stay with me for the weekend"

"oh. okay"

"so what are you doing here?"

"well we needed to discuss your new album. how you want it to be released, when, your album cover, and all that"

"does this have to be done today?"

"no, but before next week.. we need to at least have an idea"

"okay. well for today & tomorrow don't put anything on my schedule. I'm going to be with Megan and Selena"

"alright. have a good day. tell Megan I said hello"

"hey Scooter" Megan walked into the kitchen where Scooter and I were

"hey Megan, I was just leaving. have a good day you guys"

"bye Scooter. hi Justin" she laughed

"hey Meg" I smiled

her phone started to ring she didn't even look at who it was before answering

"hello? hi, yea I'm with Justin right now, why? mhmm. you can't? oh.. yea that's fine.. I think Selena wanted to hangout today, mhmm. dinner? uh okay.. yea. okay. love you too.. bye"

"was that Austin?"

"yea. he's recording some more stuff today so he won't be able to hangout until later..but uhm what time are we hanging with Sel?"

I hated how he kept blowing her off. like she's leaving tomorrow & he won't see her for another week.. "I'll call her now" I said


"we're gonna meet her in like 20 minutes at the park"

I put on some jeans & a white t shirt

Megan was wearing black high waisted shorts and a white crop top


we got to the park and Selena was sitting on the bench with Alfredo

Megan ran over to Selena and they practically attacked each other

I bro hugged Fredo

As I was about to hug Sel, when I heard Alfredo tell Megan

"dammmmn, gettin hotter by the daily. glad to see you again"

Selena and I looked at each other and laughed I kissed her 


We walked over to the swings and all of us were trying to get higher than each other


We decided to go for a walk around to "look at the beautiful nature" as Selena and Megan called it

"Meg, where's  your bf?" Alfredo asked

"he's at the studio"


"meggg! let's take a picture" Selena handed me her phone

Selena and Megan decided to hold hands and walk forward & I took the picture and gave her her phone back

@selenagomez: day with bae @meganwilliams

"heey! I thought I was bae" I pouted

"oh boo whoo. you know I love you" she kissed me


We all went back to my house & ordered Chinese food

Megan's been kinda quiet all day & I felt terrible.. I wanted to do something

I excused myself from them and went to my room & called Austin

he picked up on the 4th ring


"dude where the hell have you been?"

"the studio.. why?"

"I don't know.. maybe the fact that your fucking girlfriend came all the way out here to spend time with you & you aren't even here? She's leaving tomorrow & you haven't even seen her" I was fumed

"calm dowwn bro. I told her I was at the studio today and she said that was fine. We are going to dinner tonight?"

"and when would that be? it's 6:30. we are all already eating"

"Well I don't know then. I'll come by later"

"you said that last night. God Austin, grow some balls & get your priorities straight" and that's when I hung up on him.







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