my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


7. 7

some paps followed us the the hospital. Luckily my forehead wasn't that bad. They just used some kind off glue to stick them together. They said the glue will dissolve when it's done


When we got back to my house Austin was sitting on the couch with and ice pack on his knee

"hey babe" i sat down next to him

"babbby. I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

"it's okay. yea, I went to the hospital and they glued this part of my forehead and I just got a cut on my leg so luckily Alex just bandaged it up. but are you okay?"

"yea I'm fine.. I'm so so so sorry. I tried to get you, but security wouldn't let me."

"Austin it's fine, I promise"

I kissed him

@AustinMahone: really upset with how the beach today turned out. I'm sorry, but you need to understand that I'm going to hangout with girls, even if you don't like them that doesn't give you the right to use physical/ verbal violence against either of us

@AustinMahone: ice packs for everyone


Austin and I were cuddling on the couch watching some show he likes, personally I didn't like the show so I was on my phone

text from Justin Bieber: hey are you okay? I heard what happened!

to Justin Bieber: oh, yeah, I'll be fine. I had a gash in my forehead and they took me to the hospital to get it  glued... who ever heard of that? HAHA but then I just cut my knee, so Alex bandaged it up. I have bruises, but I'll be okay. thank you :)

from Justin Bieber: and that's all from people seeing you guys kisss? WOW. I hope you feel better. Austin told me you're gonna be in LA next weekend? So your def gonna need to hit me up :)

to Justin Bieber: exactly. & thank you. I willl! but I don't want your beliebers hating me too...

from Justin Bieber: meg... there's a difference. my fans like you& support you because you're my friend.. my bestfriend. you're Austin's girlfriend, no matter what you do, they are going to find some reason to hate you

to Justin Bieber: greaaaatt. haha well I'm falling asleep. I'll text you soon, can't wait to see you. I miss you! :) goodnight <3

from Justin Bieber: stupid  time zones -_- but okay, I know, I  miss you too! goodnight :)


Austin, Alex & Michele are leaving in a few hours. I'm honestly gonna miss them so much



"well that's me, thank you guys so much for everything" Alex said as he said goodbye to my parents & Michele

"bye bro" Austin and Alex hugged

"meggy meggy megggyy" he hugged me tight "bye Alex" I laughed


"Austin, are you  ready?" Michele asked

"thank you so much" He said goodbye to my parents

"bye sweetie, We'll see you in a few days" Michele hugged me. I love her

"bye Meg, I'll see you soon. I love you" Austin hugged me really tight and kissed me 


I got home and finished my homework from spring break.... they day before we go back to school. hahaa yolo. well in my defense they shouldn't give us work on BREAK



"I'm right here!"  I grabbed a water and an apple from the fridge and got in Brandon's car

"hey slow poke"

"sorry" I smiled buckling in my seat belt

"it's fine.. I think I was a little early today"

"that's what I thoughhhht"

"so how have you been, how was break?"

"I'm good, break was goood. hahah and yours?"

"that's good... what happened to your face? and mine was good"

"uhmmm.. Austin's fans & paps attacked us on the beach 2 days ago.. the glue is supposed to dissolve when it's done healing. I have a bandage on my leg too."


We pulled up at school and walked to our lockers which were next to each other

"so plans this weekend?"

"I'm going to LA"

"forreal? where' my invite?"

"in the mail" I laughed at him

*ding ding ding*

I went to class and everyone was staring at me.. this is going to be a long day


When i got home I was done with the day. I was one of the more popular girls at school & I had my close group of friends and that's just how it was. but today there was more attention, either people were loving me more hoping I would hook them up with my celebrity friends and others hated on me and it was annoying. 

Like this is my senior  year.. I don't want it ruined. I only have a little over a month left of school then I'm going to college, I don't want all this un needed drama


My parents took me out to dinner because they knew I was having a bad day

We went to Olive Garden (:

We sat down and ordered our food. I got up to go to the bathroom, and in there was a girl with a sweatshirt with Justin's face on it and her friend has a sweatshirt with Austin's face on it... they recognized me instantly. I was wearing leggings and Justin's sweatshirt (it's so comfortable lol)

"omg omg omg you're Megan Williams!" the Belieber said

"yess, ahah what's your name?" 

"Lexi! and this is my best friend Sam!"

"hi girls, it's nice to meet you!"

"it's nice to meet you too!! omg we love you! can we get a picture with you?" Lexi said jumping up and down

"of course. haha" 

Lexi & I took a picture and then all 3 of us took a picture

"hey Megan... can I have a picture with you?" Sam asked quietly

"of course" 

We took the picture

"I have to tell you... I didn't used to like you.. but I have to say.. I like you know. and I respect you a lot" Sam said

"awh, well thank you, can you guys post those pictures & tag me in it? I wanna save them"\

"I just tweeted them all!! & I mentioned you. Thank you so much. tell Justin and Austin we said hi" Lexi smiled really big

"I will, thank you! have a good dinner girls!" I hugged them both and went back to finish my dinner


When I got home I went on twitter and luckily a lot of people were tweeting me the pictures of Lexi & Sam

I saved it and put it on instagram

@meganwilliams: great dinner at Olive Garden, ran into a huge Belieber & Mahomie. such sweet girls. @justinbieber @austinmahone, @lexxxxiiii_ and @sam_marie_28 said hi :) nice meeting you girls.


I was on twitter just scrolling when a tweet stood out.. it was from that Sam girl

@sam_marie_28: I have to say.. I hated @MeganWilliams.. but I met her today and she was so sweet. I think she could tell I wasn't a fan of her, but I am now. I have so much respect for her and I was her and @AustinMahone the best tbh.

I was quite offended at first, buttt It's her opinion


*Austin Mahone would like to FaceTime*

"hi baby" I smiled

"hey babe"

"how are you?"
"I'm good. how are you?"

"I'm good. i miss you"

"I promise I miss you so so so much more"

"auuusssttinnn, that's  not possible"

"yes it is. wanna see someone?"

"uhm sure?"

"HEY BRO COME HERE" he yelled to someone in the background



"how are you?!"

"I'm good! how are you?!"

We talked for a few minutes more, Austin stepped away to use the bathroom

"greeeatt! hey I'm picking you up from the airport Friday night, cuz Austin has dance rehearsals so we are either gonna meet him there or go get food and then meet up with him"

"sounds goood! but hey guys, it's 11:30 here, so I'm going to bed, I'll talk to you soon. love y'all."

and with that I hung up


I guess Austin screenshotted us on Facetime with Justin because he tweeted it

@AustinMahone: facetime with my babbbby @meganwilliams & @justinbieber decided to join :p

I retweeted it & went to Austin's profile where he retweeted a picture of him and Camila Cabello (from 5th Harmony).. he was shirtless & she hugged him and kissed his cheek. The picture was taken a few minutes ago while I was Facetiming Justin because Justin was in the background holding the phone

What the hell?


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