my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


6. 6

I quickly ran down the stairs and walked to my driveway

I was confused.. I didn't see anything there?

I turned my head and saw a note on the garage door

I opened it 

come in the backyard

I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the back yard and it was decorated so beautifully. I was in awe

My jaw dropped and tears started slowly streaming down my face

Through the tears I saw Austin walking toward me with a huge bouquet of roses and a huge teddy bear

I hugged him so tight I probably suffocated him

"did I do something wrong?"

"no.. no... it's just so beautiful. Thank you so much"

I let go of him and he walked me over to this blanket he had spread out. He sat down across from me 

"This is beautiful, Austin" I looked around at all the lights set up around my backyard. It was all so beautiful, but I had absolutely no idea why he did it though.

"Dance with me" He stood up in front of me extending his hand

I looked at him confused, but grabbed his hand

We walked to the middle of the yard, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms were around my waist

Music started to play.. this moment was absolutely perfect

Our foreheads were pressed together as we looked deeply into each other's eyes. This is what I loved about Austin. Whenever I looked into his eyes, I felt nothing but love. I got lost in his eyes

The sun was starting to set. Austin pulled away, but grabbed my hand. We walked back over to the blanket and I sat down while Austin sat down right next to me with his arm over my shoulder. I rested my head on his shoulder and admired the sun set.

* Austin clears his throat* "so, you're probably wondering why I did all of this?"

I sat up a little "yes, but it's all just so beautiful"

We both stood up and he handed me the teddy bear again

I looked at him confused

"read the foot" Austin said as he put his hands in his pockets

I looked at the left foot and there was nothing on it. I looked at the right foot and there it said 

will you be my girlfriend?

Tears  started to form in my eyes

I jumped on him. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. I pressed my lips to his and our lips moved in sync. Butterflies exploded in my stomach and fireworks went off with them.

The smile on both our our faces were to our ears. I don't remember the last time I was this happy 

I let go

"so I'm taking that as a yes?" Austin smiled really big

"in every language" I kissed him

He interlocked our hands and we walked back to my house. When we walked in the kitchen I heard familiar voices. 

Austin and I were holding hands with huge smiles on our faces and as we walked into the kitchen we saw my mom, my dad, Austin's mom and Alex

They all got quiet when they saw us

Alex awed and Austin's mom slapped his arm

"How did it go?" My mom asked

"you knew about this?" I questioned

"well, he called yesterday asking me and your father if it would be okay, but Michele called this morning saying they would be here tonight."

"you went through all that?" I looked at Austin and he shrugged his shoulders and blushed a little

I pecked his lips

"get a rooommm" Alex said standing up to throw something out

My dad walked over to Austin "so Austin, I'm hoping you remember the rules and we don't have to have the talk again" he patted Austin's back

"yes sir" Austin shook his hand


Austin, Alex, and I were sitting in my basement listening to music and talking

"so how long are y'all staying?"

They looked at each other "2 more days.. then I'm going to LA for a M&G and Alex is going back to Texas"


"BUUUUUT, We will be together every weekend. our moms already talked. either I will fly out here, or you'll fly out to where ever I am that weekend"

I smiled again

"I told you, we're making this work" He kissed my cheek

I couldn't help but smile around him. He just makes me so happy


The next day Austin, Alex and I decided we were are gonna spend the day at the beach... well try to at least. You never know with Austin's fans


We got to the beach and I took of my shorts & crop top

I wore my favorite bikini which was hot pink and strapless. I got it when Selena and I went shopping. She got the same one but neon green

I folded my clothes and set them down. When I stood back up, I looked at Austin standing behind me licking his lips looking me up and down

"take a picture, it last longer" I winked

"maybe I will. HEY ALEX COME HERE"

Alex ran over

"here takes me and meg's picture" Austin handed him his phone

"dammmmmmn. Meg, you got a bodddaaayy! puberty did you good"

"oh shut up" I laughed and looked at Austin who was clenching his jaw

Austin and I stood in front of the water and smiled for one picture & in the other one he kissed my cheek

"I wanna picture with Meggggyyy" Alex said 

Austin looked annoyed but took his phone

Alex came over to me and hugged me really tight

Austin took the picture and put it on instagram

@AlexConstancio: just your normal bff pics✌😘

Austin put up the one us smiling

@AustinMahone: day at the beach with my favorite :) 


"AUUUSSTINNNN NOOOOOO" I was currently being thrown over Austin's shoulder as he's running to the water

I was holding onto his back for dear life, he was running so fast. Finally he stopped.

"can you put me down now plllleeeaassee" 

he re positioned me so he was holding me like a baby. I thought he was going to put me down gently... but no.

Alex came on the other side of me and him and Austin both had 1 hand on my back and the other on my leg. They started rocking me back and forth 

"1.......2........3" and with that they let me go. I was swung into the air and landed underwater

I stood up and put my hair into a messy bun. The guys thought this was hilarious

"not funny" I rolled my eyes at them trying to get all the water out of my nose

The walked over to me & I crossed my arms and looked away

"babbbbbby, come on. don't be mad" 

I ignored him

"wellll, then I think it't time for the TICKLE MONSTER" oh no

He started tickling me, knowing exactly where I was most  ticklish

I couldn't help but laugh

Next thing I know he picked me up and my legs are wrapped around his waist

"I'm sorry" he looked into my eyes. I smiled

Suddenly paps were all over the beach with screaming fans.. some were even running into the water

I was going to get down when Austin's grip on my legs tightened

I looked at him confused

"Austin, come on we are going to get mobbed"

"don't worry about them. this is me and you. okay?"

"I know.. but they're running toward us, we need to go"

"but first we need to do 1 thing"

"and that would be?"

"kiss me"

"right now? your fans are here.. the paps everyone... you wanna tell them we're dating already?"

He smiled at me 

I brought our heads closer together and our foreheads were now touching looking deeply into each other's eyes.

"I want to tell the world you're mine. so they know you're off limits" and that's when he kissed me hard

The screams became louder and the names I was being called became more clear

Austin didn't pull out of the kiss yet, but he didn't have to. we were pushed down in the water by angry fans.. or I don't even know if they were fans... they were just angry people. some kicked me while I was underwater. They already hate me...... great.-

Alex helped me out of the water I was looking everywhere for Austin... but I couldn't find him

"where's Austin?" 

"the security already got him. Megan sit down, you're bleeding a lot"

"wellll, at the bottom of the lake there are pointy rocks and who knows what. can you just get me an ice pack my head is throbbing"

"lemme see" he moved my hair. A lifeguard came over with the first  aid kit. I guess there was a gash in my forehead and I had a big cut on my leg which they bandaged

They had to send me to the hospital to get stitches in my head.... I just wanted Austin

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