my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


5. 5

Austin's Pov

We were getting ready to leave the restaurant. I grabbed my jacket from my seat and next thing I know Megan is falling on the ground

I ran over to her and she was pale.  My heart sunk was she going to be okay? what happened?

Justin's POV

I was talking to Selena about what we were gonna do tomorrow since it's Megan's  last day in New York tomorrow

"GUYS! SOMEONE HELP" Austin yelled. Megan was laying on the ground and Austin was kneeling over her checking for a pulse

I pulled out my phone and immediately called the ambulance. my heart sunk


We were in the waiting room at the hospital.. it feels like it's been forever, but it's only been an hour. I just hope Megan is okay. Austin and I were pacing back and forth opposite ways. Selena was sitting with her head in her hands. Her parents were doing the same and her brothers were trying to calm them down

"Megan Williams family?" A nurse finally came out

"Right here" her father stood up

"Hello, my name is Shelby. Megan is fine right now. She had a bad reaction to shell fish. She's going to be okay. Just keep her away from shell fish and this shouldn't happen again. We only have 2 more tests to do, and then she can go home" 

A sigh of relief escaped everyone's mouth at once.. the nurse smiled. Thank God Megan was going to be okay

Not even 20 minutes later the nurse, Shelby, wheeled Megan out to us. She had color back in her face and she looked good. When she saw us a huge smile instantly appeared on her face

We all rushed over and hugged her


Megan's POV

I woke up in a white room

I was really confused. My head & stomach hurt like a bitch

I shifted in my bed and a bunch of nurses rushed in the room

They started doing tests on me and explained I had a bad reaction to shell fish. Never eating that again

A few minutes later they said I was good as new, but to take it easy the rest of the night. They wheeled me out to the waiting room where my family and friends were. God was I thankful for them. They all rushed over to hug me. I love them so much


"Goodmorning princess" Austin sat on my bed next to me. He had a tray with all of my favorite breakfast foods on it

I smiled and sat up on my bed

"How are you feeling?"

"a lot better. Thank you" I smiled


After breakfast, Selena came to my room to help me pack all my stuff. Thank God.

"Megan, I'm gonna miss you so much"

"I'm gonna miss you more. But we will stay in touch"

"yess!! We definitely need to hangout a lot" 

"well of course.. finally all done"

*knock knock knock*

Selena got up to answer the door. It was my dad

"Megan, we need to leave for the airport in an hour, are you all packed?"


"alright good. your brothers are coming to get your stuff. Selena, you and the boys are more  than welcome to come with us to the airport to say goodbye"

"we will, I'll call them now"


All of us were at the airport getting ready for our flight. Austin and Justin still weren't here yet. I really didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to them.. but when my flight leaves, I gotta go with it.

My family said goodbye to Selena then it was my turn

I hugged her really tight and promised I would text her as soon as the plane landed. We planned to meet up in a few weeks and I was so excited

We started walking away when I heard someone scream my name. I turned around and saw Justin and Austin running toward me with flowers in their hands, They finally stopped and were out of breath

Justin handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card. "Read the card when you get on the plane"

"thank you so much, I'm gonna miss you, Justin" I hugged him really tight

"hey what you think you leave and you get rid of me? HA. I'm not going anywhere. I'll see you soon, but I am going to miss you"

"like I'll trust your "soon" but sounds good" 

He laughed and let go of the hug

"text me when  you land"

Austin handed me more flowers and a card

"thank you so much" I hugged him

"text me when you land. I'm going to miss you but remember, you aren't leaving my life this time. I love you"

"I will, thank  you. I love you too" I smiled really big and let go


"well that's me. I'll text you all when I land. love y'all. thanks for a great week" I wiped the tears that were forming in my eyes and walked onto the plane


I opened Justin's card first

hey Megan,

Well by the time you're reading this, you're on your flight back home. Well I felt like I can't give you flowers without a card. So first of all, I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had with you this week. I love hanging out with you. You definitely bring out the best in me and I love it. When I met you, I had a feeling we would become friends, but never expected you to become such a big part of my life this fast. But I wouldn't change it for anything. I loved opening up to you the other night, it felt like a weight was being lifted off of my shoulders. I'm so thankful to have met you. You're an amazing girl, Meg. Never forget that. But if you do. I will be right there to remind you. So before I get too mushy and shit. I just really wanted to say thank you, for everything. I can't wait to see you soon. Text or call me when you land. and hey, don't forget about me while you're home. ;) love you. - you're bestfriend, Justin

inside the car was the picture of us from the skate park the first day we hung out. The smile on my face was to my earss while I had tears in my eyes

I opened Austin's card

hi beautiful,

Well you're on your way back home now and you have no idea how much I'm going to miss you. but this isn't forever. I remember the last time we were in an airport together. I'll never forget it. You came to take me and my mom to the airport with my grandparents. We were going to be gone a few months.. actually, we had no idea when we would be back. I hugged you the whole time until they called my flight. Both of us were in tears. People were staring, but we didn't care. Right before they called my flight you told me. "Austin, I love you so so so much. But I want you to live your dream... to the fullest. I love you Austin. never forget that" and that's when you broke up with me. weeks.. months. I wondered why. but then it finally came to me. You did what was best. Like I told you before, I never got over you... and honestly.. I don't think I ever will. This week, I thought I'd get the balls to ask you to be my girlfriend again.. or just kiss you. but I know we need to work on our relationship again. because a lot of things are going to be different. I will never give up on us and I hope you haven't either. I love you meg meg. see you soon. <3

- Austin

Tears were streaming down my face. Inside there was a really old picture of us next to the one we took at IHop. it's crazy how much we've changed in just a few  years

"you okay sweetie?" my mom patted my shoulder

"yea.. I just miss him"

she let me cry on her shoulder.. I must have fallen asleep because as I was waking up, the plane was landing 


When we grabbed our luggage I heard lots of noise and camera clicks, and people screaming my name. I turned around at the paps were everywhere. but why? I'm not famous. What do they want from me?


I got to my room and set down all my bags. I missed my room

@meganwilliams: feels good to be home :)

I turned on Pandora and began to unpack. 

I was unpacking at the bottom of my bag when I pulled out this white sweatshirt.. this isn't mine? I think it's Justin's. eh oh well... he probably won't even notice it's gone. but whatever. I texted him

to Justin Bieber: hey. So I'm unpacking and stuff & I found your sweatshirt. I doubt you'll notice it's gone, but I have it. so next time I see you, remind me & I'll give it to you :)

I locked my phone and continued unpacking. A few minutes later my phone beeped

text from Justin Bieber: hi. I'm glad you made it home safe. and I know, I had Selena put it there :)

Why would he have Selena put his sweatshirt in my bag? that makes no sense


My family has a tradition. Every time we go on a vacation, when we come back and unpack, we go out to ice cream. I don't know why or how it came a bout.. but it just kinda stuck with us. and hey, I'm not complaining, I love me some ice cream

I put on black leggings and a sports bra and just threw on Justin's sweatshirt. 

We got in the car and drove to Handel's ice cream.

When we arrived, there were paps everywhere... still confused because I don't see why their following me?!

I ordered my ice cream and we all sat down on the bench trying to avoid the paps but that was impossible. A few of them screamed things at me and asked why I was wearing Justin's sweatshirt

They were so obnoxious and quite frankly I wasn't in the mood for them.

My parents and brothers were frustrated also. 

We ran to the car and drove home.. in silence

When we got home we just hung out in the living room and decided to play monopoly 


This is exactly why my family never plays games together. We all are so competitive. The game ended with Cameron throwing his money, Dylan throwing the board my  mom stomping off and my dad screaming  and for me... well I was yelling at them for ending the game because I was winning

We all just went to bed. not even bothering to clean up the game


"Meg, you wanna play basketball?" Dylan yelled from downstairs

"yea! I'll be down in a minute!"

I threw on some basketball shorts and a  sports bra and tank top. I put my hair in a messy bun and went to the driveway

My brothers were shooting hoops with a few of my neighbors. Our neighborhood was so close, especially the kids. We hangout all the time

We got on teams of 5 started playing. I was the only girl in my neighborhood of kids so all the guys never took it easy on me. They always worked me hard, and I didn't mind. It made me stronger

After my team WON! all 10 of us ordered pizza and ate it in my basement. Some guys were playing video games, playing pool, wrestling and basically anything they wanted. My house was the house that basically everyone just chilled at. I didn't mind, We all got along(:

I always had fun hanging out with all the guys because they acted like I was like they're sister, so they were hard on me.. but they protected me. 

One bad thing about hanging out with guys for so long is that they burp, fart, and do guy stuff all the time.. it was gross

Brandon lives across the street. He's a few months older than me and we drive to school together with the other guys who go to our school. I'm probably the closest with him

"megan look at this!" Brandon handed me his phone

I was really confused but when I looked it said

Megan Williams with Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber?

Megan Williams, the girl who has been with Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone recently. She's taken the world by surprise by taking the 2  teen heartthrobs and making herself THEIR heartthrob. Williams met Bieber on the Today Show a few days ago after winning the Belieber contest. Bieber took a sudden interest in her. Later that day, the 2 were spotted at a skatepark. They've been spotted all around together. But She has not only been spotted with Bieber, but also with Scooter Braun (Bieber's Manager), Yael (Braun's fiance), Selena Gomez (Bieber's on again- off again girlfriend), And what we found out.. Austin Mahone (Williams' ex). We don't know much about her... yet at least.

What was this even about? lol whatever

I handed Brandon his phone back and I was really annoyed. Why did the press suddenly care about me? I have done nothing but hangout with friends.

I went on my twitter and looked at some people's tweets. Most of the tweets I saw people were happy that I was friends with Justin, Austin and Selena. Others though, called me a gold digger and all this other shit. Like what the hell, I don't want their money? I have my own job. I make my own money

@meganwilliams: I miss my friends.

@meganwilliams: lol this is a joke right?

I was so annoyed. I went up to my room and sat on my bed

I was staring at the wall when I heard a knock on my door

"come in" I said without even looking

"hey honey. How are you? Brandon said you seemed upset so I thought I would come see how you are" My mom sat on my bed and put down a tray of fresh cookies next to me

"yea, I'm okay"

"well, do you want to talk about it?"

"I don't know. I just don't understand why people hate me already? Like just because I was seen with Justin. some people are happy and others are pissed. I just wish they would understand we are truly just friends. he's like my bestfriend. I don't look at him like that. I like Austin.. but then people say I'm a gold digger and I'm using him. There's no winning. no matter what I do. I just don't understand why I can't just be friends with them without getting all this hate by people who only know my name. It's just so much to handle."

My mom didn't say anything she just held me.. and that's all I needed


After dinner I started to help my brothers pack. They were going back to college tomorrow night. I am going to miss them so much, but I'll see them again in about a month for graduation

Dylan goes to CSU. he's graduating this year

Cameron goes there, too. but he's graduating in 2 years


"Bye Dylllllyyy" he squeezed me really tight "I'm gonna miss you"

"bye Cammmmmyy" I ran over and jumped on him and squeezed him "I'm gonna miss you"

My parents said goodbye. The boys drove out of the driveway as we waved goodbye

I HATED saying goodbye to them more than anything. They were like my bestfriends

@meganwilliams: hate saying goodbye to my brothers. I'm gonna miss them so much):

My phone started to ring "Austin Mahone" appeared. A smile formed on my face


"hey. come outside"



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