my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


40. 40


I was at the studio all morning, my album was FINALLY finished

I was completely exhausted

Johnathon was so proud of me that he was going to take everyone out to dinner tonight

we took a picture & I smiled huge, although my wardrobe looked like shit, I was thrilled for people to finally hear my music

@johnathonrichardson: SO PROUD & SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE @meganwilliams HAS FINISHED HER 1ST ALBUM! I am so proud to be her manager & to get to work with her. don't worry everyone, you will hear the album soon! but tonight we are celebrating!!!!!!! 


I wore a short red dress & Justin wore a black suit

we looked very good

@justinbieber: so proud of my amazingly, beautiful, talented girlfriend for finishing her first album! I am so proud of you!!! tonight is your night & it's time to celebrate! @meganwilliams I love u

We were having dinner; my parents & my brothers, Pattie, Jeremy, Scooter, Ariana, Jai, Selena, Madison, Jason, Jordin, Johnathon. Khalil, Lil Twist, Lil Za, Alfredo, Ryan, Ashley, Kyle, Nick, and Kenny

"I wanna make a toast to Megan, who never gave up & always brought her all to the studio. We are all so proud of you" Johnathon toasted

tonight was honestly amazing

I still can't believe how far I've come in such short time.. it's mind boggling

As we were leaving, the fans outside were going absolutely NUTS. 

we all kinda split up & took pictures

When you're taking so many pictures with so many people, it's kinda like an adrenaline rush


We got back to Justin's and I tweeted

@meganwilliams: absolutely amazing night with amazing people. Thank you for all the unconditional love & support. xoxo

Then I was scrolling down my TL when I started seeing all these people talking about me & drake bell. lol what?

Drake was standing with the fans & I guess I took a picture with him unknowingl & since I was smiling, Justin's fans were angry. So people were calling me a trader & backstabber

@drakebell: met the amazing& beautiful @meganwilliams tonight. still don't know how the douchebag @justinbieber got so lucky. Don't know how she puts up with him & his shit all the time.she deserves better than that. congratulations btw :)

I typed up a  response on my notepad & screenshotted it to twitter 

@meganwilliams: @drakebell I didn't realize that was you. 1. don't call my boyfriend a douchebag have you ever spoken to him? no. do you know anything about him other than what you hear from the media? no. I think it's funny that you're going around to schools and teaching children how wrong it is to bully while you ARE a bully. You don't like Justin? fine. no one said you had to. but he deserves your respect. he has done nothing to you to make you call him what you do. It's sick to see a 30 something year old man bullying a 20 year old. with all the energy you spend hating him you could use that for good. 

@drakebell: @meganwilliams I have my reasons to hate him. he's the biggest asshole on the planet

@meganwilliams: @drakebell I can't believe I ever looked up to you. I'm done with this conversation. You want the attention for hating on him? fine. have fun. but at the end of the day, your opinion of him doesn't matter to him because he is a good person & is happy. you? by hating him & everything around you you're just making yourself miserable and look like the bad guy. So you continue to do that & we will continue our life. You keep saying that you hate him but you always have something to say about him. Actually, I just think that you're obsessed with him. grow up. Move on with your life. If you really hated him as much as you say you do, you won't even associate yourself the least bit with him. Live YOUR own life. now goodbye.

Justin saw my tweets & walked over to me with 2 cups of hot coco

He set them down on the coffee table and embraced me in a tight hug

"you have no idea how thankful I am for you" he said

"I love you"

Justin took a picture on my phone, he was smiling & I kissed his cheek

@meganwilliams: my best friend. I love you. @justinbieber

"so are you excited for the big concert this weekend?"

"more nervous" I admitted

"you're gonna kill it" 

I laughed "totally"


2 days later we were having rehearsals

this was crazy

honestly. When I got up on that stage I thought I was going to shit myself, but it was natural to me

I had never done anything like this before, so yeah. I was surprised

Justin was sitting in the front row watching me which really calmed me down

he's my biggest supporter & I am truly so thankful for him

This was still so overwhelming

Justin took a picture of me singing

@justinbieber: so proud. I'm her #1 fan! I love you. @meganwilliams


The next 2 days were really stressful. I was constantly practicing my dance moves & making sure I have my vocals down

"babe you need to calm down"

"i'm so stressed" I ran my fingers through my hair taking a sip of water. I was in the dance studio in Justin's house. It seemed like I had been there forever, but I really was only there for like 3 hours

"come on" he took my hand & before I knew it we were in the garage

"Justin what are you doing?"

"come on. I'm taking you somewhere" he sat in the drivers seat

we drove for 45 minutes until we got to this spa place

we got out of the car & Justin signed us in

"you didn't have to do this" 

"I wanted to" he smiled

"Mr & Mrs Bieber?" a lady called

Mrs. Bieber. I like the sound of that

We went in the back where Justin & I both got an hour long massage and then we went to the stem room

this is the relaxation I needed


When we got home later that night my my brother Dylan, had texted me telling me that Austin was Friday Night Live (lol no idea if that's a real thing)

I told Justin & he turned on the TV after getting us a bag of Sour Cream & Onion chips & dr. pepper :)

he cuddled up next to me and we watched as Jimmy called Austin out to the stage

"and tonight we have a special guest, everyone welcome teen heartthrob AUSTIN MAHONE"

the crowd was clapping & screaming.. going nuts lol

Austin came out in black pants, a blue jacket & blue supras

the did a bro hug and then they sat down

They talked about his new album, The Secret and tour coming up

"but you know, I have to ask about your ex. Megan Williams" 

Austin shifted a little in his seat "what about her?"

"well are you guys friends not friends dating not dating? like what's going on?"

"we are friends. Megan will always be a huge part of my life no matter what. I will always support her"

"that's really nice. did you at least see her at rehearsals? for the big concert? "

"kinda. I saw her and Justin come in, but it was literally for like .5 seconds. I would have gone over to say hi, but Justin's body guards don't like me, because Justin doesn't like me... so yeah it would have been awkward"

"Justin doesn't like you?"


"but you hurt Megan & not him, correct?"

"unfortunately. Megan is just a lot more understanding. Not saying that she is understanding that I cheated on her, because well there is no excuse for that. but me & her have just accepted that we will always be apart of each other's lives no matter what. there is just a lot people don't know about our past & I'm sure if Justin knew, he would be as understanding. but yeah. he is a great guy. don't get me wrong, he just isn't the biggest fan of me right now"

"so are you excited for the biggest concert of the summer... probably the biggest of the year, tomorrow?"

"I am very excited. We had rehearsals a few days ago & I know it's going to be great" he smiled

"did you see everyone's performance?"

"no. Well almost everyone. because I don't know if you know, but uhm Megan & Justin are doing a duet and I guess only them, their managers & like 3 other people have heard the song, so we all had to leave when it was time for them to practice, because I guess it's gonna be huge" he chuckled

"did you hear any of the songs they did? like solos?"

"no" he laughed

"Is it true Megan wrote a song about you?"

Austin's face turned blank "I've heard that.. but she hasn't told me, not expecting that she would. but I don't know"

"well thank you for your time! We'll be looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the BIGGEST CONCERT BLAST! AUSTIN MAHONE EVERYBODY"

I sighed and then changed the tv so it was on Netflix

"you're gonna kill it tomorrow baby" Justin said as I cuddled up closer to him


When Justin & I arrived at the outside venue, there were already over 10,000 fans lined  up down the street & we were here 4 hours early... this is going to be huge (it starts at noon)

@meganwilliams: big day today :) #BiggestConcertBlast 

@justinbieber: make sure to watch #BiggestConvertBlast all day ! you won't wanna miss it :)

Today was August 1st... a reminder popped up on my screen

my heart sunk a little.... I tweeted

@meganwilliams: 3 years ago today my life changed forever. thinkin bout you all day <3

"Megan!" Johnathon called


"your dressing room is over there. go & start getting your makeup and hair done. I will see you soon" he hugged me

"thank you. and ok!" I replied

"why does she have to wear makeup? she's beautiful" Justin said

"oh my god. Justin don't be ridiculous"

"I do agree with  you, Justin. but makeup enhances it, so everyone can see her beauty. and Scooter is looking for you by the way"

"okay. just tell him I'm in Meg's dressing room"

Johnathon walked away & Justin and I walked to my dressing room

3 hours later we were finally done!

I walked to get some water when I ran into Austin

I gave him a friendly hug "good interview last night"

"thank you" he smiled "did you see my tweet?"

I shook my head and then got out my phone

@austinmahone: 3 years ago today was the best & worst day of my life, but  it's a day that changed my life forever & one I will never forget. Thinkin bout you all day. 

I favorited it & retweeted it

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes &  slightly smiled

"have you told Justin about it?" he took a sip of his water

"no" I said a bit ashamed

"well can we take a picture?" he asked

"sure" I smiled a little more

he gave his phone to a stage crew guy who quickly took the picture

he instagrammed it

@austinmahone: good luck today! I know you're gonna kill it! :) @meganwilliams

I gave him a side hug & then returned to my dressing room

Justin was standing with 3 girls. 

Selena was across from him, so I saw her face, but the 2 other girls were next to him, so their backs were toward me. Justin's arms were around both of their waists & their heads were on his shoulder

"hey meg" Selena cleared her throat a  little. causing the other girls & Justin to turn around

"oh hell no" I said 

this cannot be happening



OMG. guys I am sooo soo soo sorry it took me so long to update. I really didn't expect to be aas busy as I was. I'm updating the next chapter now so you will either get it tonight or sometime tomorrow. I am so sorry again. please comment what you think :)

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