my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


4. 4

We arrived back at my hotel and my phone started ringing

"I'm sorry, do you mind if I answer this?" 

"go right ahead"

"hello? yea, I just got back. yea, I'll ask him" I moved my phone a little

"Austin, do you want to have a movie night with Justin and Selena?"


"yea, we'll be there in like 3 minutes. okay bye Justin"

Austin and I walked up to Justin's room where Justin answered the door and looked dressed up. I guess him and Selena really did go out to dinner

"hey dude!" Justin bro hugged Austin

"MEGG" he smiled really big then hugged me. I heard Austin from a few feet away say "SEL" and her laugh "hey Austin"

"hi, I'm megan" "Selena, it's nice to meet you Megan!" she pulled me in for a hug and she was in a really pretty dress

"so what movies did you guys wanna watch?" Justin asked looking through netflix

"Well, before we watch any movies, I'm going to go change, Selena do you want to borrow some of my clothes to change into?"

"please" she smiled

"alright. guys we'll be back in like 20 minutes. no scary movies"



"here, I think we are both about the same size" I said handing her a tank top and shorts

"thank you so much! I really didn't want to be in this dress all night"

"I understand your pain girl"

"looking good has a price" 

we laughed

"hey, Meg. do you have an extra pony tail or something?" she yelled from the bathroom

"yea! it's in my purple hair bag"

Selena came out and she had her hair in a messy bun and my clothes

"you know, they're gonna make us watch scary movies so they can cuddle up with us" Selena laughed as she sat next to me on my bed

"I figured. I hate scary movies so much"

"oh my gosh. same. Justin always makes me watch them and I like have night mares all night!"

"I have them tooo!!"

"If they make us watch it, we should just tell them that we will cuddle up together to make them jealous"


She laughed "so, I gotta ask! are you and Austin dating?"

"hahahaa nooo, I mean we dated for over 2 years, and then we broke up so he could live his dream and everything. And a few days ago when I won that contest for the Today Show.. I met Justin and Austin was there and then Austin and I started talking again and hopefulllllly we will get back together... buuut I don't know. but are you and Justin?" I winked

"awhh! ya'll are so cute. and oh gosh. I wish we were back together, but no. it's hard. all his fans hate me and it's just so hard. we love each other and we want to be together... but without like all the drama and stress of the publicity"

"i know.. I understand what you mean. like I would tell you to not pay attention, but I know that's hard. at the end of the day, it's your life so you gotta do what makes you happy"

"oh gosh, I love you already!" she pulled me in for a hug and I laughed

"well, we better go back, they're probably wondering what is taking so long"

We walked to Justin's room where the guys were wrestling 

Selena and I looked at each other and started laughing

"Well it's about time you slow pokes showed up" Justin said as he stood up

"girl talk" Selena kissed him

"yea yea yea, I'll grab the popcorn. Austin can you put the movie on?"

"What movie did you guys pick?" I asked sitting down on the couch

"You'll see" Austin sat down putting his arm around me

The movie started playing and of course it was a scary movie... some cornfield one

"Oh hellll no" Selena and I said in unison jumping out of the boys arms

"I'll protect you baby" Justin said standing up

"no, scary movies I'm cuddling with Meg"

Selena and I were snuggled up next to each other holding each others hands for dear life. We had a blanket over our legs and a pillow on our lap we were literally shaking 

Justin took a picture of us while we were watching the movie and our faces are looking absolutely terrified. Selena's head was hiding in the crotch of my neck and my mouth was wide open

@justinbieber: guess me and @austinmahone lost out. can't watch scary movies with @selenagomez @meganwilliams cuz they really are toooooo scared... hahahaahaha #lames :p

"TURN THIS OFFFFF" Selena and I yelled

"calm down it's not even scary" Justin laughed as he got up and turned the movie off. He put on 21 Jump Street. THANK GOD


I woke up with my head on Austin's lap and his head was on Justin's shoulder who's head was on Selena's lap who was laying down

I laughed to myself and attempted to get up, but I accidentally woke Austin up. His eyes fluttered open and he instantly smiled when he saw me. I returned the smile

"morning gorgeous" he stood up and pulled me into a hug my wrapping his arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around his waist. His hugs were my favorite. He kissed my forehead and a huge smile appeared on my face

letting go he asked "do you want to grab some breakfast?"

"yes! I'll write them a note for when the wake up"

J and Sel, 

Austin and I went out to breakfast. We should be back soon. if you need anything call. see you soon. love ya losers ;*

<3 - Meg

"alright I'm ready" I said slipping on a pair of Justin's sweatpants and grabbing my phone 


We pulled up to iHop (my favorite) A smile appeared on my face

"so I'm taking it you still love it here?"

"you remembered?" 

"Megan, we dated over 2 years.. of course I remember"


"my name is Ken and I'll be taking your orders this morning. What can I get you to drink?"

"uhm, I'll have an orange juice" "make that 2" I looked at him and smiled. I really missed him

We finished eating and boy was I stuffed

We were walking out of restraunt when the paps showed up... great.

The manager told us we could leave through the back. as we were about to, 

"Austin, can we take a picture real fast? We don't have any new ones"

"of course" A big smile formed on his face

I handed my phone to some waitress and we stood in front of the IHop banner. Austin wrapped his arm around my waist and we both smiled

I thanked the waitress and Austin and I left through the back. Luckily we made it to the car with no problem

I instagramed the picture saying @meganwilliams: nice breakfast at IHop with @AustinMahone (:

my instagram pictures also get sent to twitter and a few minutes later I got a twitter notification 

@justinbieber: cute picture you guys @austinmahone @meganwilliams and oh hey meg, nice sweatpants(; 

I laughed and retweeted it I showed Austin and he laughed

We got back to the hotel and walked in on Selena and Justin making out on the couch

"ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh" I laughed

They both looked up and looked embarrassed

"Sel, you wanna go shopping with me today? like a girls day?"

"yes! let's go now, I need new clothes!"

"So what are Austin and I supposed to do?"

"guy stuff?"I said

"bro, you wanna go to the studio or something?" Justin asked

"sounds good to me. so you all wanna meet for dinner or something?" 

"Yea, uhm since I'm leaving tomorrow.. my family wanted to have dinner together, but I'm sure they won't mind if you guys join?" I said

"alright. sounds good, just text me when we are meeting for dinner"


"omg that's so cute! get it!"

"you think Justin will like it?"

"he'll love it! omg Sel, you have to get it!"

"okay! ahhhh!"

We walked to Auntie Ann's pretzels and sat down. We bought so many clothes today.. it was crazy

We took a selfie 

@selenagomez: successful girl's day shopping with my fav @meganwilliams <3 


Selena and I were getting ready for dinner, the guys were just gonna meet us there. Honestly, I was so upset I was leaving New York tomorrow. it's been the best week of my life. I didn't want to leave

Me and Selena both wore the same dress, her's was red and mine was black. I put my timer camera on and we took a picture

@meganwilliams: last night in New York. I'm gonna miss it. @selenagomez loveee yooouuu<3

We grabbed our purses and were on our way to the restaurant. When we arrived the paps were nuts. We went inside and I guess my parents rented it our because it was only us there.

I greeted my parents and brothers with hugs and introduced Selena. Of course my brothers thought she was hot.. and I don't blame them, she's gorgeous

My phone started to ring. I answered and realized it was Justin

"hello. yea we're inside. yea, okay, uhm yea I'll go by the back door okay. be safe. okay yea. bye"

"who was that?"

"Justin, him and Austin are outside and the paps are so bad that they can't even get out of the car. I'm gonna go to the back door"

Luckily right when I opened the back door, Justin and Austin were right there

They both look exhausted from running. I hugged them both

We walked to the table and all of us say down. My dad sat at the head of the table to his right was my mom, me, Selena and Dylan then across the table was Cameron, Austin, Justin

After we ate dinner, they got us dessert. It was delicious 

Justin, Selena, me and Austin took a few pictures together

We took a normal smiling one 

@austinmahone: great dinner @justinbieber @selenagomez @meganwilliams (:

then a duckface & peace sign one

@meganwilliams: ilysm @justinbieber @selenagomez @austinmahone

We did the west side sign that justin always does

@justinbieber: ayyyyyyyyeee @selenagomez @meganwilliams @austinmahone

Then Selena and I hugged and I kissed her cheek while Austin leaned on Justin's shoulder 

@selenagomez: luv ;* @meganwilliams @justinbieber @austinmahone

The pictures were adorable

I took one with just Austin and Justin. We smiled for one then they both kissed my cheeks for the 2nd one

@meganwilliams: fav guys(: @austinmahone @justinbieber

We were getting ready to leave I ate one more piece of shrimp off my plate when I started to get dizzy.. before I knew it.. it all went black

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