my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


38. 38

"baby wake up" Justin shook me

"what? you're okay? omg Justin I missed you so much" I hugged his neck

he laughed "I'm fine.. why wouldn't I be?"

"how don't you remember. It was the worst thing ever? we had a bad fight and when I woke up in the middle of the night you were sobbing and bleeding"

"babe. you just had a bad dream. see. we're landing in Montana now"

"what? what? so none of that happened?"

"nope" he shook his head

"thank God! I love you so much. I'll never leave you" i hugged him squeezing even tighter

"what is her problem?" Fredo walked over to us. I was currently 1 step from hyperventilating

"bad dream" Justin replied

I was looking at the floor.. I don't know why, but it all felt off to me

We got off the plane & went to the hotel where Scooter & Yael were

I hung on to Justin a lot closer and tighter than usual

"babe,I'm right here" he whispered in my ear

Other than hanging onto him for dear life & constantly looking at my surroundings, I was doing pretty good.... NOT

we greeted Scooter & Yael with a hug

I hope this "dream" doesn't come true about the room situation

Scooter handed out room keys & luckily Justin and I shared a room

"so we do have a big day tomorrow. get a good night sleep and no funny business you two" he looked at Justin and I which caused us to smirk

We went to our rooms & I was still unease 

Justin shut the door and I walked to the windows to make sure no one was there

"baby what are you looking for?"

"I have no idea. I'm so paranoid"

"come here" 

I walked over to the bed he was already laying in and then laid next to him snuggling up to his chest

"so tell me about this bad dream?"

I told him everything.

he rubbed my shoulder and with his other hand took my hand and interlaced our fingers and rubbed my hand with his thumb

"baby. I love you so much. I promise I will never let anything bad happen to you, I love you" 

"I love you so much Justin"

he kissed my forehead & began singing Fall


"ready for the big day?" I walked toward him and kissed his lips

he pulled my body closer

damn..... I love this guy

"I want you so bad right now" he whispered seductively in my ear

"I want you more" I told him

If we weren't leaving now. I'd fuck him right here right now

"but we're already late"

"uhhhhh" he groaned "quicky"

"babbbby you can have me all night but we really have to go. Don't wanna give Scooter another reason to hate me"


We arrived at Caroline's house & all greeted her with hugs.

she was so cute

Her best friend Stella was with her

they were funny. They sat on her couch just starring at Justin, looking like if they talked, it would be screams... haahhaaha

Justin sat on the couch across from them and you could tell he was a tad uncomfortable

but Fredo, Ryan & I were all trying so hard not to laugh.. like you had to be there to understand the awkwardness

We've only been here 10 minutes & justin has tried to start conversation with them, but they just scream of excitement... hahahahaah

"so uhm. how are you girls?"


"here. Justin go sit by them and I'll take your picture" I said hoping to get a response other than screams

He sat in between them and I took a picture

@meganwilliams: look how cute. congratulations @carolinesmall & her best friend @stelllllllaaa_124 they get to spend the day with the lovely @justinbieber :) & @alfredoflores @ryanbutler @scooterbraun @yael & myself 

Every time any pf the guys talked or asked a question, they would just get screams in return, which was a little funny at first but after being here over an hour, it was a tad annoying

"soo uhm where's the bathroom?" Ryan asked


"if you tell me where it is" he chuckled

Caroline got up & showed him the bathroom

I texted Justin

see if we could like go somewhere. this is awkward :p

his phone dinged & immediately he checked it & quickly replied

good idea. hahahaha I love you. can't wait till later ;)

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks & a smile instantly form

Ryan came back

"so uhm, do you guys wanna go get like ice cream or something?" Justin asked

they nodded their heads so fast, I was surprised their heads didn't fly off


We got to the ice cream shop and it was still like awkward.. so I wanted to have some fun

Justin sat next t me

I took my index finger and scooped a little ice cream off the top of the cone & put it on Justin's nose


"hi" I giggled

he did the same thing 

"not fair!"


"do you remember when we did that  with Jazzy & Jax?" I asked him

"yes & then we told our parents and I thought their jaws would fall off?"

We were both laughing hysterically & everyone was starring at us. but hey I wasn't bored anymore

We walked back to Caroline's house to say goodbye

We were planning to stay longer, but because of how awkward it was..... yeah

we hugged the girls goodbye then went back to the hotel

"so your call guys. Yael & I are going back tonight, but the rooms are rented until tomorrow" Scooter said

"Megan and I are going to stay"

"alright" Scooter smiled

Ryan & Fredo also decided to leave too

Justin & I went right to our room

let's just say, things got really heated, really fast


We woke up and I never never been so sore  in my whole life. I could barely move

I snuggled up closer to him

I love him so much

I kissed his jawline when I heard my phone ding indicating that I had a  text message

Jason Derulo

hey Megan! it's Jason. Jordin & I were wondering if you and Justin would be free later? we could the dance studio and begin rehearsals?

I responded

that sounds good. we are leaving Montana in about an hour. When we land I will let you know. looking forward to seeing you :)


Right when we landed in LA, Jason texted me the address off the studio they were at

"I'm excited" I told Justin as he drove

"me too. but I'm sore as fuck" he chuckled and scratched the back of his neck

When we walked into the studio we were greeted with hugs from Jason & Jordin


After 5 hours, which felt forever because of how sore we were. We finally finished

I was actually very surprised how much we got done. 

3 fully choreographed dances & part of Justin's & I's song. all done in 5 hours. 

I was actually impressed

Jason had us all take a picture

@jasonderulo: successful day @jordinsparks @meganwilliams @justinbieber

Justin held up his phone & we all smiled for a picture 

@justinbieber: big things coming :) @meganwilliams @jordinsparks @jasonderulo

then I took one where Jason is holding me  up in the air, like a ballerina

@meganwilliams: so obsessed with @jasonderulo

then Jason took a picture with Justin & I

@jasonderulo: it's very seldom that you meet people who just by the first meeting & the first talk you have, it changes you. These 2 people have truly changed Jordin & I's perspective about many things. They are truly wonderful people & I am truly honored to have got to spend the day with them, seeing how they work together & what they take and give to each other. It's truly inspiring. It has been nothing but a pleasure to get to work with them. If you have an opportunity to work with, or even meet them, do. I promise you, they will change your life. @justinbieber @meganwilliams love you kiddos. See you soon.

It makes me so happy when people tell me how meeting Justin & I have changed their perspective. It makes me feel as though I've done something right

Justin has changed my life sooo much, to know together we've changed other lives is absolutely mind blowing 

We drove back to Justin's 

"can we go swimming?" I asked him

"sure" he smiled


we held hands & jumped into the pool together

he picked my up and my legs wrapped around his waist

being with him is my happiness

it was awkward.. to like talk about personal things while we were being filmed, and like to be intimate while people are watching 

I'm scared that that lining will end up separating us in the long run


it's been about a week since we worked with Jordin & Jason

Today is the 4th of July & Justin's family & friends  came over to celebrate

It was Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon, Jazmyn, my mom, my dad, Ryan, Ashley, Lil Za, Lil Twist, Khalil, Alfredo, Madison, Kyle, Ariana, and Jai

We had a beautiful cookout thanks to Jeremy & my dad

Pattie wanted us all to take a group shot

@justinbieber: Even though I'm not American, and this holiday really doesn't apply to me. Happy 4th of July from your faves. Hope you all had a great day with your family & friends

Scooter  tweeted

@scooterbraun: thanks for the invite @justinbieber

I laughed when Justin showed me


The next day Justin brought the mail in. there was a letter for me.. the fuck?

Ms. Megan Williams

Your restraining order on Mr. Austin Mahone is now  up. If you have further problems please call 555.990.8432. Thank  you

about an hour later I received a text from a random number

hey. it's Austin. can we meet  up & talk things out? please.

I said ok & where I was willing to meet him at, which was a starbucks about 2 miles away

I didn't tell Justin because he was at the studio.. I hope he won't mind. but unfortunately, I know he will..



oh my gosh. I'm so sorry this chapter was boring, but I promise things will be getting better ;)

so yeah. this one was just a filler. Things will be escalating soon.

Expect the unexpected.


much love. xoxo.

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